Xbox One Developer: Kinect Is As Costly As The Console Itself

An Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit anonymously to clarify some misconceptions regarding Microsoft’s upcoming console. The unnamed developer proved his status to Reddit’s moderators but refused to share any proof regarding his identity or answer any questions that might reveal it.

Bound by the need to protect his identity, the Xbox One developer didn’t answer a lot of questions. Perhaps the most important piece of info he shared is about how integral Kinect is to Xbox One. "The majority of the masses care only about the console," he said. "Except that the success of the Kinect carries much more weight to us. The sensor costs almost as much as the console to make."

"The goal with having a Kinect ship with every Xbox is to guarantee to game developers if they implement Kinect features into their games, everyone who has an Xbox will be able to experience it. I often see people dismiss the Kinect instantly because they haven't seen it work like I have. It is an integral part of the Xbox One experience."

The Xbox One developer also defended Microsoft’s decision to make always-on.

"The number of features on the Xbox One that uses the Kinect is almost too many to count. I can't imagine using the console without it. To me, I see two ways to deal with this.

1) Not require the Kinect to be always plugged in and have all these features turned off by default.

2) Enable these features by default and turn them off if people choose to turn off the Kinect.

The first choice would undermine our guarantee to game developers.”

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So many defensive people on this site, I am really enjoying seeing all the ****-hurt, LOL. But seriously, try not to think so much of your own self worth - it makes you people look real egocentric. You's might want to get that checked out.

My job and side venture

My job and side venture already contribute to society. Why would I want to spend what little downtime I have giving even more to ******** I don't give a **** about instead of using at least a little time in my week for myself and my fiancé?


loosers...yolo... some people are very skilled in discrediting themselves right out of the bat. I highly doubt yolotards have useful hobbies to begin with.

Come on really ?

How many of you retards have a Phone. How many of you have the internet ? How many of you are on Social Media ? Then why the Hell do you care about the Kinect ? I understand you want to talk **** about the console you don't play but who the hell cares about your sissy *** views. If its all that bad and you are so scared because you are afraid of your little **** being shown to NSA when you are sitting in front of your Kinect watching porn, well guess what They all ready know your **** is small. Why don't you just say I don't play the xbox. I play the PS. Its that simple.

the only major console that i

the only major console that i know of that failed was the Dreamcast & that died because it didn't have a dvd player. as for ms, its support was perfect when my 360 rrod (5 days) unlike my experience with sonys support 2 MONTHS! ffs (my first ps3 had the ylod so i sent it off and got the refurbished unit back so i set it up and starting playing uncharted again but all of a sudden it froze after a hour so i turned it off and back on again...ylod again but hey 3rd times the charm). still why do you want the Xbox to fail, with out it Sony would have no competition any more (wiiu's near death as of writing this) so that would just stagnate the market and prices will go up.

one time connection, not phone home anymore

You only need a one time connection then you never need to connection the Xbox One to internet again. So why not just do that, no internet no NSA. I'm sure the NSA will love to watch young teens playing CoD ******** and moaning about noobs and hax hahahahahahaha good luck to their sanity

I've got my xbox one pre

I've got my xbox one pre ordered, all the garbage that your getting watched by the nsa is just paranoid put a towel on the kinect or don't buy one and as for the hdmi in you can plug anything into it or nothing at all its just a optional extra. you guy run off to Sony and i bet your ps4 will be gathering dust in a few years like what has happened with all our ps3s now, my point with Microsoft is at least they keep there consoles interesting with OS refreshes every few years & adding extras like foxtel unlike the ps3 with its bland xmb that hasn't seen any love from sony since release.

Your spelling hints at how

Your spelling hints at how much you read, so I guess you don't really know what the kinect is. It's not just a camera, the kinect is a suite comprised of two cameras, one microphone and one IR emitter (leaving aside electronics such as the cpu etc...). A towel won't stop it from hearing every nearby sound and fyi sound is enough for many things, for example you can use the sound of keys being pressed to steal passwords, but of course you didn't know that. Go back to whatever hole you crawled out of we don't need you here.

"for example you can use the

"for example you can use the sound of keys being pressed to steal passwords" wow so this kinect thing can hear over all the ambient noise all the way across my house to where I keep my pc in a room that usually has the door closed. incredible what that can do these days :O (hint: I used sarcasm again) but again you guys are all just paranoid, NO ONE cares to keep a schedule of when you ********** or what ever goes on in your house. you don't need the internet for the xbox one so you can just disconnect it from the internet, problem solved.

I really don't care if

I really don't care if somebody is watching me lol, all i'll be doing on the other end is sitting there picking my nose or scratching my *** in-between loading screens. but if you used your legendary grasp of the English language you would have noticed I was being sarcastic (put a towel on it or something <-- being the key word)


Yeah the PS 3 has collected some dust, guess what, I blew it out and kept playing. Unlike 4 of my cousin's xbox 360s who had their systems fry. It is funny to see that people trust their govenrment that spies on them enough to buy equipment that will give them access to everything. Snowden already told us they can use keywords to search through conversations. So be sure to watch your tongue, because Kinect is.

Just to clarify I tend to buy

Just to clarify I tend to buy all the consoles and a beasty pc rig so i don't usually take sides in the console wars but i just found i played the 360 more unless a decent exclusive comes out for the ps3 but other then that it just sits there being used as a blu ray player. but anyway my ps3 has done that yellow blinking light of death twice since i got it while my 360 died just the once and do you know how long sony and ms took to get my consoles back to me, 360 was 5 days, sony 2 months (a month each since the second one died a hour after i took it out of the box).

PS3 gathering dust? lol

PS3 gathering dust? lol Surely you jest? Your proud of 360 o/s updates LOL, how sad. Id rather have new games for my GAMES console thanks, like Last of Us or Puppeteer - ie new content, supported by Sony in its swan song years for their third incarnation of the worlds most popular console brand. Maybe Microsoft should have kept the 360 interesting by actually releasing new content than worrying about a user interface!

it's not that i don't like it

it's not that i don't like it i do love my ps3 but i absolutely hate that controller with a passion. gimmi my razor onza any day. But like i said in the last post i do buy the decent exclusives & have a ps+ sub for all the free games for my vita/ps3 but there just isn't much there to hold me so the 360 because of the better controller has won me over so if pressed i would buy the multi platform games on the 360 every time. though about the firmware updates it must just be me cause i get all giddy when a new bios update or firm ware update comes out for something i own, adds more life to it i reckon.
You voted 'no'.

Wow... I can't wait to see

Wow... I can't wait to see your face when the barrier of naivety and ignorance you've built up over the years is shattered into a million pieces. How can people still think so single-mindedly in 2013? Especially given the horrible revelations of co-opted international governments and private corporations over the last year. I guess shoving your head in the sand and shouting to yourself is still working for some people, huh. Good luck with your expensive consumer electronic purchase, anyway, may it bring you literally seconds of entertainment and a lifetime of frustration.

i just don't see why the nsa

i just don't see why the nsa would care enough to check up on what I'm doing. I live in Australia, I work on a farm & pay my taxes. I'm not that interesting lol but yeah i know I'll get bored of it eventually but if it's as good as the 360 then I'll get a few years enjoyment out of it. Anyway continue your life of paranoia, lemme guess you have put blue tack on your web cam, mobile phone camera, tablet camera etc, you don't want the nsa seeing you pick your nose now aye....

To be realistic now

To be realistic now everything seems to have a camera and a mic in it (phone, tablets, laptops etc) so why is the xbox being singled out? and yes i know it has a much more advanced camera. so all we can hope for is the nsa stops doing it.

Because persistent, always-on

Because persistent, always-on, always-online cameras are different than explicit, modal, user-controlled cameras? "But Smartphones" is the most bullshit response to any emerging surveillance technology ever. People make the same a argument about Google Glass, which just shows a dissonant willingness to be subjected to active, ubiquitous voyeurism due to apathy and ignorance. If you really think that nobody would ever use anything against you if they had it, then why are they so intent on monitoring you? And sure, they may not at the moment if you're a couch potato, but what if you begin opposing a status quo? Or protesting government policy? It's then that these "harmless" technologies can begin to use the "useless" data they've mined against you. I don't want to go into too much detail here, but in the course of writing my thesis I'm coming across new, scary as **** revelations every week about the capabilities of such technologies and the way in which we've paid for the privilege of being watched. For instance, did you know MyKi is actually operated by a private anti-terrorism data mining company? Even if you haven't registered your card, there's a database that has built a report of your travel patters, likely destinations and where it thinks you live, to be used in conjunction with CCTV footage to track individuals in cases where there is "potential" for a terroristic act. Which means it can be activated by merely attending a rally, or a meeting of a third-party political meeting. I would love to be able to live in a world where "harmless" people are free, but unfortunately we're moving into a world of perpetually accusation, where we seem to always be in the wrong enough to warrant constan, panoptical observation.

The NSA keeps tab on what you

The NSA keeps tab on what you're doing to make sure you keep living your life in the same boring manner you have been until now instead of doing something that could change the world like creating a new, relevant technology that's not based in the US.


The main problem we have with the kinect is that it is a spy camera that is required to be connected to the system. There are enough spy tools in the USA. The NSA can record 1 billion cell phone calls per day and store them on a server. Yeah, kinect being required to be connected to play is just freaky. Yeah there is a switch to turn it off but there is no way to know if someone hasn't turned it on remotely. It isn't paranoia when we have proof it is happening. Already the NSA has the power to blackmail any elected official and supreme court justice. We don't need some geeky kid blackmailing the people as well. I bet Microsoft hates Snowden right now :P


Btw if you want to verify my statement you have to check out foreign new American news sites are bound to censor everything about them or they face criminal charges.

xbox one

hi all I have been an xbox user since the start,but got cheesed off as the years have gone by. many times ive grown angry at the dasboard in finding the launch game icon,you are bomarded with stupid online films a nd crappy in your face adverts,the core part of playing a game has gone on m$s consoles. the new xbox one is going to be worse,you have to plug your sky box to it....then it will bombard you with this watch will have navigate a minefield of ads and forced crap just to find the icon to launch a game......80000 gamer score ive got ,but i will not buy a new xbox one because of all the underhand crap ms soft has pulled on us....ive just built a new dual Titan sli £3400 custom loop watercooled pc in a corsair 900d,,,,,its light years ahead of anything out there. but i will buy a ps4 for downstairs,they have got my money now....screw m$soft...........who do think they are.

SLI'd Titans

That's one hell of a rig, one hell of a price tag too, have fun - that rig should keep you running maxed settings at high frame rates for loooong time. PC gaming FTMFW!!!


PC GAMEING FTWWWWWWWWWWW ps3 dosent have any ads for tv unless you go to the tv app also i dont feel like a child playing on my wii as it dosent have a "fun" interactive little mii/avatar standing around final point, the last of us......................


PC GAMEING FTWWWWWWWWWWW ps3 dosent have any ads for tv unless you go to the tv app also i dont feel like a child playing on my wii as it dosent have a "fun" interactive little mii/avatar standing around final point, the last of us......................

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