Xbox One Game Recording Requires Xbox Live Gold Subscription

Microsoft has revealed that Xbox One’s ability to record gameplay videos – along with a host of other features – will be exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscribers.

Other features that won’t be accessible without paying Gold’s $60 annual subscription fees include the voice controlled channel guide (OneGuide), Skype chat and SmartMatch game match pairing service.

Microsoft currently has 48 million Xbox Live users. The company didn’t release any statistics, but analysts estimate that nearly half of them are Gold members. It is also estimated that more than 30 million Xbox 360 owners are not subscribed to Xbox Live at all. If these ratios didn’t change before Xbox One launch, 70% of the console owners won’t have access to some of its key selling points.

Not to miss the chance to score a point against their rival, Sony’s president of worldwide studios Shuhei Yoshida used his Twitter account to confirm that PS4 game recording, uploading and streaming features come free with the console. On the other hand, it is worth noting that Sony has previously confirmed that all PS4 online multiplayer will require paid PSN+ subscription.

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no way

Just no... i rather buy an SNES than paying for things that should be included by free on new consoles, in fact, my PC is even better than the new XBOX, so i ain´t buying that stuff.

more of the same

Passing gen was similar, we had to be pay gold to use netflix, or just use it on another system where its free, or on our computer or our tv etc... I honestly cant stand how they restrict so much of what we are paying for, unless we pay again for it. Its another fine example of Jim Sterling well stated "Fee to pay" Modern paradigm

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