Xbox One Price, Launch Date And Launch Events Unveiled

Microsoft today announced launch details for its upcoming Xbox One console.

Every Xbox One system sold will include the new Xbox One console — which features a 500GB hard drive, Blu-ray player and built-in Wi-Fi — the new Kinect, one Xbox One Wireless Controller and a free 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members. The Xbox One launch bundle will be available for $499.99 in the U.S., £429 (GBP) in the U.K. and €499 (EUR) in European markets.[2] The console will launch in 21 markets around the world in November 2013.

To celebrate the launch of Xbox One, Microsoft is also introducing a limited-edition commemorative bundle to fans who reserve the system at major retailers, available in limited quantities, while supplies last, for $499.99, €499 (EUR).[2] Reserving the commemorative bundle will guarantee that you’ll be able to purchase the new system on day one. Each commemorative bundle will include an Xbox One system that comes in premium black packaging with a limited edition Xbox One Day One wireless controller, as well as a unique commemorative Day One Achievement.

Gamers who reserve the following exclusive Xbox One Day One edition launch titles, available in limited quantities at major retailers while supplies last, will receive special bonus content:

• "Ryse: Son of Rome." Exclusive multiplayer map and sword with bonus attributes.
• "Forza Motorsport 5." Access to four cars tuned to the top of their class.
• "Kinect Sports Rivals." Exclusive sporting equipment that separates your Champion from the rest of the world.
• "Dead Rising 3." Exclusive Frank West and Chuck Greene Tribute Packs with bonus attributes.

Additionally, Microsoft announced that every qualifying Xbox Live Gold member — new or existing — will receive two free Xbox 360 game downloads per month starting July 1 until Dec. 31, 2013, including popular titles such as “Halo 3” and “Assassin’s Creed II.” And to celebrate E3 in the month of June, Xbox Live Gold members will receive a free download of “Fable III.” For a limited time gamers can also get a Day One 12-month Xbox Live Gold membership and play “Killer Instinct: Round One,” with the exclusive Shadow Jago character, on Xbox One. Players will also receive a commemorative Day One membership card.

Interested gamers can reserve their Xbox One consoles at

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I'm playing the waiting game personally. Not going to buy any of these until the price drops and until some decent games start coming. Plus first version of hardware always seem to have problems (Red Ring, overheating, etc.). Actually, the release of ps4/xbox1 might be the time to jump on Wii U: It's almost guaranteed Nintendo will have to drop the price of Wii U (unless they've truly lost their minds), so if I see a Wii U 32gb for under $200, possibly as a bundle with a game or two, I will jump on it. I'm love to get back to the classics (snes, n64).


Agreed. Seen it happen so many times, give it a year and price will drop. Or worst thing to happen in 1 year same price but a nice bundle with a few games. 2+ years probably see a new slimmer model, using less power and running quieter.


What are you talking about? I have both and PSN is unbelievable. The free games are insane, I haven't purchase a ps3 game in months since I got PSN in March. It's already paid for itself a number of times over.

I bought a PS3 about four

I bought a PS3 about four weeks ago and have been given more games for free that I actually like playing than games that are on my 360 (which I was given for free a couple years ago and never use anymore) that are worth playing even if they were free.

Might not last

You know what, sadly I don't think Sony will continue with all these free full games, it's too good to last. I wonder if it's just a way to get people to move to PSN in preparation for ps4, then they might pull the plug on the free games. I hope not but it's possible....

What are you talking about?

What are you talking about? They're giving more games free on an after the launch of the PS4 for PS+ subscribers. -------- They are calling it the Instant Game Collection (IGC) and these will include PSone/2/3 classics in the later half of next year and beyond. ----- I agree that it is possible that they could stop it eventually but if you think about the back catalogue of games that they can release from each of the previous consoles over the months to PS+ subscribers, i doubt they would until this machine is around 5 years old. ----- You'll see Mad Fox. Sony have gone back to their roots on the PS4 and i reckon they'll make people like you and me happy over the lifetime of the console.

The truth is coming out.

OK so sony Lied about the DRM, and now you have to pay to play online. I wonder who is following They are going to let the developers make this choice. The Xbox is not just a Gaming Platform. If you want a Gaming Platform don't be retarded just Build you a PC. The Xbox can Do so much more for the price. People want that some don't. Also the Xbox has more to come, with how they are Positioning it to be Set top Box. When the Glasses and the illuma Room along with Kinect work together. You will have a experience unlike anything before. I am more then sure I have my facts correct. The Ps4 is a bad *** machine for gaming and I am sure they are going to have some great titles to play, BUT when I am not using it because I have played the games I want to play and I am waiting on news one. It will just set there. With the Xbox I can control my tv through it and the all the Apps that are already there, like Hbo go and so much more to come. I am just saying for my style of play I will have the Xbone first and then I will get a gaming jk Ps4

they did not lie if you are

they did not lie if you are too dumb to see the difference then im sorry theres no hope for you . let me help . the big problem with microsoft is they are neabling the ability to charge for activating a charge for secound hand games for 3rd party .. with sony all they can do because there are no onlnie checks is charge for online and seeing has current gen have been able to do this only EA did this it shouldnt really be an issue

ok so now sony is saying the

ok so now sony is saying the PS4 starts at 399.99 up to 599.99 . I wonder what the 399.99 will be. Microsoft is not going to charge for you to sell your game, they have a press release letting the Developers take the heat as well as Sony. Microsoft has put the Cd check and the 24 offline limit, which is stupid but This will not change the way I already Play my xbox. So I don't give a ****.

But then what if your

But then what if your internet connection goes down because there is a bigger issue with your internet service provider? ----- I have had a 32 hour blackout of my internet service because of a traffic accident which caused damage to one of my internet service providers' street exchanges. ------Now imagine you are playing a game in single player mode and the console shuts the game down on you through no fault of your own? ------ Would you still consider it to be an acceptable price to pay? -------- As for Sony, there is NO on line authentication required to play a game AT ALL and YOU CAN play a used game with no external expense other than the cost to buy the used game in the first place. ----- In fact, Sony are pretty much encouraging people to do that as they know that not everyone can afford the full price of some games but could probably afford a one of cost for a console and the odd game bought at under £20. --------- You'll see. Microsoft have dropped a boll*ck on this one and i reckon they'll remove certain things like pay to play used or even the 24hr check in. ---- It may not happen straight away but i reckon within the first 2 years it will.

I don't care which fan Boy

I don't care which fan Boy you are. Its all about the Games. It has always been about the Games. In the USA Xbox won hands down when it came to games. Sony only talked about some games coming but Xbox showed us them. This is how I see it. World wide both consoles sold about the same. Sony has made a Gaming platform but missing the games right now. Microsoft made a Multimedia System but has the games right now. They are going after 2 different kinds of people. Sony showed games the xbox will have as well , Xbox showed exclusives. Sony now will charge for online pay so maybe there online will get better. Xbox is letting the whole house use one account for Live and Live by far spanks psn. The ps4 is 399.99 without the eye. The reason why the eye does not come with it because it sucks. Microsoft will now move away from DRM because sony made the right move but doing away with theirs. I like both systems and I will buy them both. Either way for me its a win win !!!


"Sony showed games the xbox will have as well , Xbox showed exclusives. " THIS! Didnt realize killzone , infamous, among others, is games that xbox will have as well. Good job finding this out.


ALL your facts are wrong. where do u even get them from?? hand to hand rumors that keep changing?? the ps4 isnt selling the eye because unlike xbox it doesnt need it to use the console. your only correct sentence is the last one about microsoft

your fanboyism is leaking

your fanboyism is leaking from your pours on your oily zit covered face. PS4 won, its not a matter of which last gen console is your favorite, this year is going to ps4, last year it went to xbox360 (tho it's changing), and the gen before that it went to ps2. PS4 399, plays used games, and doesn't need to stay connected to the internet just to play a ******* single player game.

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