Xbox One sells two million

Microsoft's Xbox One has sold an impressive two million consoles, which is a great milestone to hit just over two weeks after the official launch. However, this means it's running behind Sony's PlayStation 4, which hit the same threshold in the first few days of December.

To celebrate the news, Microsoft's corporate VP of strategy and marketing at Xbox, Yusuf Medhi talked up the brand, stating that getting hold of a one was difficult and that, "We're also particularly excited to see consumers engaging in a wide range of games and entertainment experiences on the platform, with more than 1 million paid transactions on Xbox Live to date."

Ahead of the game though is, Sony which announced early this month that it had managed to break the 2.1 million mark after its secondary launch in all territories (or most of them at least) outside the United States. While it may have resulted in a few less consoles sold for Sony - since in many major market, like the EU Microsoft beat it to release its console - the fact that the PS4 didn't become available worldwide on day one may have helped keep Microsoft in the race. If Sony had released everywhere on launch day it would have been immediately obvious that it was selling more than the One.

This is an interesting time for both machines and it will be more so over the next week when the bulk of this year's Christmas shopping will take place. Expect more sales figures before the end of the new year, where we'll really learn who's won the first round in this gen's console war - though at the moment, Sony's in the lead.

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If I make 50 bracelets I can't sell 1000 bracelets. Production of Xbox started much later then PS4. Atm both consoles are sold out, you won't find any on store shelves, won't know true demand till a year from now when extras of both will be on shelves, at which point Xbox will clearly have the higher demand as everyone learns everything they can do with it. (guy with PS4, omg I love my PS4! then he goes over to his friends house with an Xbox and is like, hmm I really like this better after giving it a try and I stop being a Sony fanboy being hearded just by a product name and actually think for myself and stop drinking koolaid) I've converted 2 ppl already irl lol. I just simply took videos with my phone and sent it to them of me interacting with it, they liked that, and they got Xbox ones. Simple as that.

silly preteen

xbox 360 failure rate converted 4 of my friends on it's own. Well to be fair Microsoft's betrayal of gamers helped their views along quiet a bit. No self respecting gamer can support xbox one. Nearly every veteran gamer I know will not support the xbox one.

So basically if you like

So basically if you like gimmicks and don't own a PC then the Xbox one is best choice? makes sense because if you prefer actual games youd be mental not to buy the PS4. your experience through your friends totally contradicts what i have found in that three of my mates bought the one and have returned and are now waiting for their PS4 orders to be despatched in the new year. i don't even think Xbox one will outsell the PS4 in USA let alone the rest of the world.

the ps4 mite be selling more

the ps4 mite be selling more than the xbox one but I have seen lots of ps4's for sale on ebay and face book because people don't like then. I personaly know several people that baught a ps4 on launch day and put it up for sale a few days later and switched to the xbox one because they hated there ps4.

They are reselling them

They are reselling them because of supply and demand dumb ****! people want them and if you can wait for another pre-order or brought 2 PS4's you can make a lot of money. In New Zealand they retail at $650 NZ and people are reselling for $1000 NZ and demand is high. Xboxes aren't selling here very well at all. Xbox 360 has a huge market here, Xbox one doesn't. you can still buy a xbox one easy here, infact stores are trying to promote them because they aren't selling, PS4 on the other hand sold out day one in pre-orders with backup pre-orders!

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