Max Payne v1.02


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The v1.02 patch contains all the prior fixes of the v1.01 patch plus the following:

The clock and other desktop icons are no longer randomly flashing during the game.

The patch to version 1.01 addresses the following issues:

- Exit to desktop stability issues addressed:
The issues with the game crashing into Windows' desktop when loading a new map have been addressed.

- Game doesn't start with some CD-Rom drives:
A newer version of SafeDisc copy protection is used. If the game still doesn't start up, please contact Please include detailed hardware configuration information from your PC including CD-ROM model and operating system.

For other troubleshooting, please refer to the game readme.

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Max Payne v1.02

To BIG BONED BAZ: You 1,3 gig sucks. you probably have a nVidia geforce 2 32 MB, don't you? Buy a 1,8 gig and youll see what it is to PLAY max payne! you just wanted to be the one with the best cpu, but that's the thing i hate!! Suck my d**k and go f**k yourself and you'll feel better, moron!

Max Payne v1.02

when i quit this game the PC crashes. i don't know why my PC is a p4 1600 mhz; 256 free ram; 3d card -nvidia vanta 32 bm. i wanted this patch so bad dut when i try to download it, it says that the file does not exist.

Max Payne v1.02

god there are some serious freaks in this dark corner of the internet. Although noone seems to have a real problem. When playing max payne it crashes after about 5 minutes because it runs out vertex memory. I have no idea what the hell that is and quite frankly i dont care so long as some one can tell me the score. I am running a duron 700 with 256mb ram and a radeon 7200 64mb under windows 98. tried the patch and it dont patch jack sh*t


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