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[[Dead and Loving it]]

Created by Polish studio, People can Fly and published by Dreamcatcher, Painkiller is best described as a fast-paced, first-person horror shooter.
From what we have seen so far the game has been created with the classic FPS games, especially Doom and Serious Sam, in mind but with an intense desire to create an original adrenaline-fueled experience.
To call Painkiller a sleeper hit would be unjust since the game definitely has the pedigree to become as big as any other title. The game however, has gained a lot of publicity by doing something most big-time titles have not been able to achieve; by being on-time. The delays and variety of problems which have plagued big FPS games like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2, have helped Painkiller and its publisher hog the gaming industry's limelight. Having written that, you have to consider that it still isn't plain sailing for Daniel Garner, since competition will be strong with games like Far Cry and UT 2004 on the way, an indication of how strong and competitive the market has become.

Although Painkiller focuses on twitching trigger-fingers and overall mayhem, what really adds to the experience is the eerie backdrop, against which this theatre of the after-life performs. There is a clear gothic element throughout the game which is backed up by chanting sound effects and creepy music, creating an intense and gripping atmosphere which makes it all work. Although Painkiller does not profess to contain an extremely intricate plot or character build-up, it manages to blend the hectic action, the story, environments and characters into an explosive mixture which drives the gamer on and on and on... Every aspect of the game gels so well with all other elements that you instantly know that the developers got the chemistry just right.

Painkiller will become available on April 12, 2004.


You play as Daniel Garner, a seemingly regular guy, who has just been killed in an horrific car accident. Trapped between heaven and hell you struggle to find out why you've been denied entry into heaven.
Awaiting your purification, you have to fight your way through a horde of demon soldiers in order to prevent an unholy war.

Read on to find out what Painkiller has going for it under the hood.


At the heart of Painkiller lies a proprietary 3D engine, created by People can Fly. Even a quick look at the game will leave you satisfied that the engine is up to the task.

PAIN, that is what PcF have named their engine, gives out an extremely high polygon count and textures of very high quality, while using all the latest lighting and shadowing techniques, including effects like soft shadows, DOT3 bump mapping, water reflections, glass simulation and volumetric light and fog. What all this jargon basically means is that Painkiller has some sweet visuals and that PAIN can dish out eyecandy as fast as your graphics board can handle it.

What is also impressive is the amount of detail and work that has gone into the creation of the environments. The game features 24 single-player levels and each is entirely unique with almost no texture reuse between levels. The average level is 350,000 polygons, monsters are 3,000 - 4,000 polygons while boss monsters will have 8,000+ polygons. The textures are also very high-resolution with an average of 1024x1024 with bosses being 2x2048x2048. Enemies will also have advanced bump mapping and lighting models including specular lighting.

Having a good 3D Engine is a necessary step when attempting to create a good game but what really adds that extra blockbuster feel to the game is the use of the Havok 2.0 physics engine.
Havok 2.0 has quickly become an industry standard with games like Half-Life 2 and Max Payne 2 licensing it but Painkiller offers by far the best use of
the engine so far. As soon as you load-up the game, you can't help but notice the prolific use of the physics engine. Within a minute of gameplay you will have been struck by flailing limbs (sometimes not even attached to a body) or by exploding barrels which you also have to watch out for when they land. Hanged men will shake if hit by projectiles while some bosses will hurl dead monsters at you making full use of Havok's, well known by now, ragdoll effects.
Some will be tempted to scream overkill for the use of Havok in Painkiller but like everything else in this game the physics also seem to be just right.

Combine impressive and highly detailed environments, with the physics and the powerful 3D engine and you get a completely immersing and addictive experience.

Read on to find out how Painkiller will utilize its technology in order to enhance the gaming experience.


As mentioned earlier the game will have 24 single-player levels, each will have its own boss monsters and one major boss monster. The player will have a choice of five weapons, each with a distinct alternative fire option. The story blends with the gameplay as you collect the souls of each monster you shoot, adding one point to your overall health. Once you have collected 100 souls you turn into a demon for a short while, exterminating all enemies in your path.
There is very little finesse involved in the way Painkiller plays, this is NOT a stealth or strategy game. This is pure unadulterated, unrelenting, explosive, in-your-face action. This action will keep you tense and your trigger finger twitching while the endless, constantly respawning, enemies keep you busy at all times.

Although the action is intense, there is some use of intelligence needed and that is what can decide if you make it to the next level or not. Using the barrels and firework-like explosives, for example, can help you to get rid of multiple enemies while conserving your ammunition.


An eagerly anticipated feature of Painkiller is the multiplayer mode which promises a variety of innovations.

There will be five multiplayer modes for the game played over 7 maps and according to current information, it will support 32 players. The modes are as follows:

The objective in Deathmatch is to kill as many enemies as possible within a set time limit.

Team Deathmatch
A mutation of the deathmatch mode which pits teams of a set number of players against each other, each trying to get most kills.

People can Fly
A modification of deathmatch one-on-one relying heavily on physics based multiplay. Equipped with the Rocket Launcher/Chaingun, you can only score damage against your enemy when he's on the air. You can use your rockets to send them flying and your chaingun to finish them off.

In Voosh mode each player will have the same weapons as all other players. After a set or random time interval (server regulated) the weapons will change for everyone. This mode will give all weapons infinite ammo and will be played over two exclusive maps.

The Light Bearer
In Light Bearer, Quad damage never wears off, this is a capture-the-flag type of multiplayer mode. The first player who grabs it can use it until he dies, this should happen fairly quickly as all other players should team-up on the Quad Bearer. The winner is the person who has the Quad when time is up.

There is a wealth of gameplay options for Painkiller which promise to give the game some replay value, options which will be necessary since it is very linear.

Read on to find out what Megagames has to say about Painkiller.

[[Final Thought]]

Painkiller offers a pleasant change from what is rapidly becoming the blockbuster game norm of arrogant developers and clueless publishers. The title has been developed openly and even when the process was facing problems such as the recent leaked version, no one over-reacted.

The game itself stays true to the simplest form of gameplay, that of all-out action FPS. Every aspect of the game is highly polished and the whole effort blends together creating a seamless amalgam offering sheer gaming delight.

Beyond pompous descriptions and written praise, Painkiller is a product of hard work and love. Just by looking at the game you know that People can Fly really enjoyed working on it and that a lot of TLC went into its creation.

By now most of you, if not all, have already tried the demo so this is not an empty review heaping praise on an unknown quantity, I am certain that even if this game is not your kind of entertainment, if you try the demo you may find that you will lose your soul to it.

If you haven't yet sampled Painkiller, you can get the demo from Megagames.

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I played the alpha and the proper demo and I loved it! cant wait for the full version to come out.The graphics are ereally good and it plays fast. The physics could be called over the top by some, but its so funny to staple the crippled zombies heads to the floor as they crawl around sounding completely monged out!I will buy this over UT2004


Ironically, this no-brainer, shoot-everything, blast-romp is a nice breath of fresh air. Hopefully the freshness will last... I think the arrival of this game will herald what will be the year of the first person shooter.


This game is fun. The Stake gun kicks ***! I can't wait to see what other creative weapons this game has. Just wish that the save points werent so long.


wow...... This game has everything. Graphics, sound, athmosphere and most of all its **** fun. This demo rocks big time.. The doom3 demo everyone tried a year ago sucked. Major boring if you ask me. If doom 3 is as ****** as the alha leak than by god this game will be the new doom3 for 2004.


I'm Laughing Man.And I'm not f*cking happy.Who made this sh*t?The KKK?The Republicans?Either way it's pure evil and we must unite, fight, and kill Lucasarts.Sorry, I got distracted......anyways these f*cks have gone too far!There is no need for devil worshipping in games anymore.Enough with pseudo-noir, pseudo-apocalyptic pseudo-games that are more than pseudo-crap.Yes, these games may have 2390008 pixels per square inch, but half of them are f*cking black!Kiss Psycho Circus can kiss my ***, and Max Payne, go mix metaphors with your jail-bait girlfriend MARTHA STEWART!What's with the B.S Megagames are spewing out about this being popular for being released ON TIME?Sounds a bit suss to me, in fact I think these mo-fos made the game.IT'S A CONSPIRACY!!!!!THEY'RE TRYING TO BRAINWASH US.All these years they've been strategically sabotaging HL2, Doom3, and my precious Duke Nukem Forever!I put a f*cking dollar aside in a bank account every day I felt DNF should already be out.That account has $45 000 in it!True, about half of that is compound interest, but the point is that 3D Realms have given me a f*cking wait, I've just lost the plot.But, you gotta admit this game looks sh*t!


this game is dope, and to the guy below, no you cant use html on megagames forums, (**** nazis) but this game is rock solid and it runs extremely smooth on my system and the gfx are really nice


as someone said beffore no brainer shoot everything what moves ..yeah tha tis why I think this game sucks... RThese zombies are not even original... that is all


Although some Counter Strike fan bum f**k boys will say "OH BUT THIS GAME IS ****!" thats only because that like to give Gabe Newell some serious ***.Painkiller is the *FIRST* 3D Shooter Demo to actually include Karma Physics. WHY IS THIS GOOD YOU ASK? Because the Havok Engine or Karma physics makes in game actions correspond with real time physics :)What are physics you ask? THE WAY OBJECTS REACT TO THEIR ENVIRONMENT.COUNTER STRIKE => KARMA PHYSICS? => NO!PAINKILLER => KARMA PHYSICS => BEFORE THE HL2 DEMO WAS EVER RELEASED? => YES :)PAINKILLER just did what Half Life 2 tried to do back in November 2003?Valve > FailureDreamcatcher > WinWhos laughing now? GABE :) Oh dear HL2 source got leaked what a shame :) Sorry we have to cancel the game release until like *never* or *when ever*Opps very bad mistake Painkiller is going to be released and own your sorry *** chronically.So for all those ****** CS Players... They can f**k off.DID WE FORGET TO MENTION BUNNY HOPPING? THATS RIGHT SUSAN YES WE DID!PAINKILLER ACTUALLY ENCOURAGES BUNNY HOPPING? HALF LIFE > CS > BUNNY HOPPING > STUNTED LIKE A RED HEADED STEP CHILD


Why is it that CS Players have no balls and no clue you ask?Well its simple: They are lead to believe that a real product is something that has unrealistic goals, weaponary and above all players.What were we playing in the CPL 2001 - February in the BYOC area? WE WERE PLAYING SERIOUS SAM?WHY IS THIS FUN? You ask? Because maybe shooting hoards and hoards of monsters is fun.BUT UNCLE AMAZING! WE DON'T WANT TO SHOOT HOARDS AND HOARDS OF MONSTERS... WE ARE ****** CS KIDDIES AND WE BREED WITH GOATS.Does the above statement mean anything to you?CS > GOAT BREEDER NOW DROP YOUR PANTS AND GIVE THE ALPACA 20!Zombies are more f**king original that any game I have ever played.I don't think many CS players or bad step kids have heard of a little game called BLOOD or BLOOD 2.Play that then come back and tell me about original zombies for f**ks sake.ITS DESIGNED TO BE A HORROR FIRST PERSON SHOOTER GET A f**kING CLUE.WHAT DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD CALL IT "EVIL BIKER DUDE KILLS THE LOLLYPOP LADY" I DON'T f**kING THINK SO.Finally there is a simple message for the CS Community and people who come from that ilk. WE OF THE QUAKE 3, TEAM FORTRESS CLASSIC AND QUAKE 1 COMMUNITIES DON'T NEED YOUR BREED ROUND HERE GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM FOR ƒUCKS SAKE!


wow my system is below the min requirements(i have a geforce2 64mb, 256mbRAM, 1.7ghzP4) and runs smooth, and looks AMAZING...even on my comp!(i run at as full detail as it will allow and it only slows in 1028/768, and not by much!!!) Amazingly fun tho


Even if you dont like the Single Player, the shear physics of this game will make you **** your pants, I can stake zombies to a wall, WHAT OTHER GAME DOES THAT!!!Plus, the multiplayer should kick you in the crotch, fast pace multiplayer is the ****, some of the best multiplayer i've played was in Quake 3 Arena, f**k realism, if you want realism go join the **** Marine Core, cant get anymore real than that.


I think it time for another sinister neo-gothic fps. There hasn't been a verry good one out since Blood II (I loved that game so much). I played the demo and loved it, if anything it should be more sinister and weierd(evil) - its what nakes this game so **** great.


now to flame at all u f**ks that r questioning the originality of the gme => yeah, the zonbie concept has been used before, but shooting zombies with a wooden stake gun? like wtf, where have u seen that before. Oh and haven't u noticed how each level (well there's only 3in the demo) is totally different than the other one's; no monssters are re-used from one level to another, not even textures are re-used. Each level is totally unique -> monsters arespecially made to fit the sinister mood of each level, and each level has its own textures that aren't used in any of the other levels.


Newsflash for all you n00bs, thinking that Domm 3 HL2 etc will be like two weeks on Phuket, take my advice if you want a addictive game yet sexy effects go for Daikatana, can honestly say that i LUV just kicking it.And i can admit i will probably try Doom 3 but i aint gonna pay for a friggin 1 ghz cpu with a gf4 ti4200, i´ll wait until they port it for my sweet ol´gameboy, cheaper that way.OK then.Thats all for today.


I cannot stop playing this game. Any FPS fan will love it.Theres nothing like shooting wooden stakes in zombies and watching them stick to the wall. Better yet shoot a grenade and then stake it and make a rocket launcher!Awesome!


And with the name like Daikatana well that says everything.Are you a John Romero fan? You should play hide and go f**k yourself :)John Romero is a pretty cool guy but Daikatana was the f**king *****


ah yeah, f*ucking kick *** game if this dont win an awward i will be ******.HL2 i want Doom3 i want but they r taking too long so screw em for now. also gives me nuf time to get more money to buy them.painkiller rocks i love the weapons stake a zombie oh yeah i love it, just finding them already dead dudes and giving them an extra long dong and even whith them not being alive u can blast off a few limbs so oh yeah u gotta love this game its the dogs *bollo*ks, CS go run back to your goat heratage, goat people play cs even years and years after it has been released CS can go screw a duck with a goat in a threesom.


Im a short Stocky Longpig in the US. Im looking to correspond with a large bodied male chefs who may be interested in eating me. I dont know how to go about finding a chef in the US, so I guess Im asking for help.


oh men.. this demo kicks my *** very strong... i become from Poland and i'm suprised, that people in my old country can do games like this.. arrrggghhhh!!!! it's only a month to release date... :-)


And that is how we do games in Poland. We have very less money but when we do a game, it is a great game! And try out Chrome, another great polish game:D


My dog likes to whiff fecal matter, And also has fur. So there your pryo-necro-beasto-maniac. (Means you like to have intercourse with dead animals on fire) EAT IT!! And have a nice day.


1st thing: DL'ed the demo, runned and ... i couldn't stop playing it till few hours !! f***ing awesome!!Then my friend told me PK are making ppl from my country, i couldn't believe it :D It'll be IMO 1st so good game made by PL :D2nd --> u haven't said anything about one more nice little feature - tarot cards :D In demo u can only use 2 of them (mayby more, but i could't unlock them ie by ending 2nd lvl without armor, but on "daydream" - i'll try on insomania :P). Small thing but adds some more fun to the game (little "rpg").Thats all, cu in final ver :D --> mp ;>


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