Dead Island: Riptide v1.4.0 (+16 Trainer) [FLiNG]

Dead Island: Riptide


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Dead Island: Riptide v1.4.0 (+16 Trainer) [FLiNG]

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Tried running administrator and doesn't work. Also I tried renaming game.exe to DeadIslandGame_x86_rwdi.exe but doesn't work again. This sucks and it is fake.

Trainers is working,its not fake!

for god's sake people,dont act like a noob......this trainer isnt fake,its working properly.only mistake happnd is this trainer shows v1.0 on main page...otherwise its get rid on your doubts,,,FLING TRAINERS ALWAYS WORKS FOR ME!

Hi there I'm running Win7 & I

Hi there I'm running Win7 & I've tried the Fling & LiGoN trainer & neither work & these are the only 2 that I usually get trainers from. So how did u get it to work?? is your game a retail copy?? I don't know who put the fake up there but there most be some good amount of gamers having trouble with this one for some reason,so instead of yelling how bout helping? thanks if u do come up w/a answer.

Then why does it have Dead

Then why does it have Dead Island: Riptide v1.4.0 trainer on it instead of v1.0.0 as you stated. All websites are listing it as v1.4.0. And if there is an actual trainer for the 1.4.0 version of the game where can it be found? as a matter of fact the .exe in the game folder is even listed as 1.0.0 so still what gives ?? By the way just to let u know this is not a child u r responding to & I do know the differences in file versions & what not.

Fling Trainer Doesn't Work !!

I've dwnlded the Fling trainer from several sites & it doesn't work. Any1 that has got it to work could u post up a comment on how u did it ?? I usually have no trouble w/Fling trainers but this 1 is different. I start the game/run trainer. I start the trainer & run game. Either way it say's @ the bottom "Game is not running, waiting on game" What gives???

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