Thief (2014) x64 (+10 Trainer) [Aleksander D]

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Yeah I took a quick class online for the Russian alphabet - wow this is a VERY VERY VERY easy language to learn. I have a friend that said it was hard. What an idiot he is I suppose. 1 immortality 2 infinite arrows 3 infinite gold 4 Invisibility 5 infinite eye 6 Murder with One Blow 7 infinite kits 8 Time to slow down 9 Accelerate Time 0 activate teleport / save location * teleport + Cancel Teleport Have fun, folks :)


Numpad 1 : Unlimited Gold Numpad 2: Unlimited Focus Numpad 3 : Super Stealth Numpad 4 : Super Speed Numpad 5 : Arrows Numpad 6 : No Damage Numpad 7 : Save Position ( Teleport ) Numpad 8 : Load Position ( Teleport ) Numpad 9 : Undo all


num1 - god mode num2 - infinite arrows or boom? num3 - infinite gold num4 - invisibility num5 - infinite eye num6 - one hit kill num7 - infinite health kit num8 - slow time???? num9 - accelerate time ??? num0 - activate teleport num/ - save location num* - teleport to location num+ - undo teleport the trainer isn't working on my game. maybe you are luckyer

Trainer Working = Not Tested

I actually just installed my game this morning. I am at work and researching this trainer for when I get home. I'll keep you posted if mine works. All i care about really is infinite arrows and kits. As long as i have those two the rest of the game will be so easy. It's already a stealth game, so no need for stealth cheat, and money comes so easily int he Thief series. Only thing you need money for is . . . arrows and kits, so yeah LOL. Anyway I should be home in a few hours. I'll test this tonight. I am using the x64 Master Thief edition.


I translated 1-5, and also a couple of the others, but I am having real issues translating the rest. When I click Info, it is also in Russian but I cannot copy/paste it into a translator because the actual words are all question marks. Any ideas?

I downloaded this trainer

I downloaded this trainer from GameCopyWorld and its the same thing, ALL RUSSIAN, and no translation, I searched the entire internet and nothing. I have even tried to translate it on Google Translate, and it gives me the wrong translation. But I figured out a few of the settings just by using them in-game. The settings I use are, Num1, Num2, and Num3. I think they are Inf Health, Focas, and Ammo

NumPad 1 ~ Health

NumPad 1 ~ Health NumPad 2 ~ Arrows NumPad 3 ~ Gold NumPad 4 ~ Invisible NumPad 5 ~ Infinite Eye NumPad 6 ~ One hit kill NumPad 7 ~ Infinite Medkits NumPad 8 ~ slow down time NumPad 9 ~ super speed NumPad 0 ~ teleport on NumPad / ~ save position NumPad * ~ Teleport NumPad + ~ teleport off

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