The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (+2 Trainer) [Grom-Skynet]

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It seems to work with the

It seems to work with the RELOADED version... well at least I've succeeded (I'm not sure how.. I've pressed 1, 2 and 3 several times and now I'm immortal !!!) to have full health ! But I can't get the 999 ammo... at least for the moment... may be when I'll press other numbers that will work too.

I've succeed to get the 999

I've succeed to get the 999 ammo too. I don't know which of the buttons (1, 2 or 3) was the right one, but the way it work is not that I've got 999 ammo in my inventory but when I find a box of ammos, it's not a 4 or 5 ammo box, it's a 999 one ! And it's not only for the rifle since I've got a shotgun so I found 999 shotgun ammos ! Cool !

I've copied it in the game

I've copied it in the game directory and I run it "as admin" and I launch it before the game. But I think the cheats are activated only for the current level/travel... or, at least, it seems the cheat stops to work once you've travelled by car between 2 locations... or may be I've done something that has stoped the cheat (press another button ?). Too bad the guy who made the cheat didn't explained precisely how it works !!

Yeah I got it to work for the

Yeah I got it to work for the most part the health works when the slash at you but not when the grab you. best to grapple stab - knock back - rinse and repeat for large mobs. also somehow on I was able to get the rifle to glitch and give me 999/999 rounds which had no loading times..also i'm now running it from the main game folder and it seems to work fine.

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