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During races , you will earn Cheato pages. These are used to unlock things in the cheato menu.

Battle track 1 - 100 pages
Battle track 2 - 100 pages
Green Glowbo GP - 250 pages
Humba Wumba - 100 pages
Purple Glowbo GP - 150 pages

Quick start:
Press A immediately before a race starts.

Unlock Grunty:
Defeat Grunty in the Broomstick battle race.

Unlock Humba Wumba:
Defeat Humba Wumba in the Jiggu battle race.

Unlock Jolly:
Defeat Jolly in the Pumpkin battle race.

Unlock Klungo:
Defeat Klungo in the Skull battle race.

Endurance GP:
You must collect all trophies from Bottles GP, and Grunty GP.

New Intro:
You have to get all the Platinum Trophies.

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