Watercooled RX 6900 XT could hit 3GHz

Watercooled RX 6900 XT could hit 3GHz

A new, watercooled and heavily binned version of AMD's RX 6900 XT is coming from XFX and the GPU manufacturer has promised some staggering frequencies. Not only will the "stock" version of the card feature a base clock that's 21% higher than the reference model, and its boost clock will be able to crest 2.5GHz (a 12.2% increase over the base model) but XFX claims that with overclocking, it could be possible for the card to hit a staggering 3GHz.

It is, admittedly, not clear if XFX is talking about a sustained clock speed, or one that the card can boost too periodically for short bursts of staggering performance. However, XFX is equipping it with just about everything it can to make that kind of clock speed a reality. The card will feature its own built-in high performance waterblock, a custom 14+2 phase power design, and an extra 8pin power connector to help deliver the, in excess of 350w of power this card will require.

It's not the only superclocked card XFX is looking to release, though. It will also have an air-cooled version called the Merc 319. This model won't have the same extra power connector, though it will enjoy the same phase power design and XFX claims it too will be able to operate in excess of 3GHz. That, however, seems more likely to be temporary boosts instead.

Its cooling will be three double ball bearing fans with additional heatpads to help transfer the heat to the large aluminum heatsink under the black shroud.

Both cards will hit store shelves soon, with likely eye watering prices.