Descent - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During gameplay type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
SCOURGE WowieZowie Weapons
BIGRED Super WowieZowie Weapons
PORGYS MegaWowieZowie
MITZI All Keys
RACERX Invulnerability On/Off
GUILE Cloak On/Off
TWILIGHT Shields Recharged
FARMERJOE Warp to Level
BUGGIN Turbo Mode On/Off
BRUIN Extra Life
FLASH Exit Path Illuminated
ASTRAL Ghostly Mode On/Off
AHIMSA Robot Firing Off
LUNACY Robots Move Fast Fire Seldom
BIOPSYTOYS SelfDestruct Sequence Activated
POBOYS Same as Above
PLETCH Robot Painting with Texture 001999
Alt F Full Map On Map Screen

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