Fifa 2002: Major League Soccer - Game Shark Codes


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Game Shark Codes

Enable Code Must Be On D00C82A4 E180
800C82A4 E080
Goal's Score Modifier D00A3E8A 2442
800A3E88 00??
Home Team Codes
Home Team Score Modifier 8003A598 00??
Shots On Target 8003A744 00??
Total Shots 8003A74C 00??
Corners 8003A750 00??
Bookings 8003A754 00??
All Goal's Score For Home Team D00A3E78 1880
800A3E7C 0000
D00A3E78 1880
800A3E7E 2443
Away Team Codes
Away Team Score Modifier 8003A59C 00??
Shots On Target 8003A9DC 00??
Total Shots 8003A9E4 00??
Corners 8003A9E8 00??
Bookings 8003A9EC 00??
All Goal's Score For Away Team D00A3E78 1880
800A3E7C 0004
D00A3E78 1880
800A3E7E 2443

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