Kengo: Master of Bushido - Play as a Student 2 player mode


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Play as a Student 2 player mode

At the Character Selection screen hold L1 L2 R1 R2 and select a character.

Confuse the enemy

If you keep pressing X and O at the same time it will confuse your enemy even if your attacking or not only works on "versus" and possibly "tournament

Super poker

Use a stabbing tec. and jam on OX and if done from the right distance it will stab your opponent till he's deadAnother use for this is to keep poking till your lined up with your opponent and then just start stabbing for real... it will cause your opponent to block everything you throw at him till he runs out of KI... after that their dead

Warning: Over faking will cause you to run out of KI because every thime you miss you loose a small portion of your KI

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