PixelJunk Monsters - Beat Medium Mode


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Beat Medium Mode:
Mines 5 Gem cost.

Running Ability:
Beat Easy Mode.

Various bonuses:
Complete the indicated level to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Run ability - Special 1 Easy.

Screen hitting lightning - Special 1 Hard.

Mines - Special 1 Medium Press Square to place a mine at a cost of five gems.



Treasure Hunter 1
Objective: Get all the treasure from Episode 1

Art Collector
Objective: Collect each and every special survivor to fill your gallery.

No Stone Unturned
Objective: Discover all secret areas in the game.

Coin Collector
Objective: Pick up 100 coins in one spin

Sharp Shooter
Objective: Build a combo of 16 or over

Cave Cleaner
Objective: Kill over 100 enemies

Cave Cleaner Pro
Objective: Kill over 500 enemies

Cave Cleaner Supreme
Objective: Kill over 1000 enemies

Liquid Love
Objective: Kill over 100 enemies using fluids rather than weapons

Don't Touch Me
Objective: Clear a stage without touching any walls.


Treasure Hunter 2
Objective: Get all the treasure from Episode 2

A True Hero (Episode 1, 2, 3)
Objective: Safely rescue all normal survivors.


Treasure Hunter 3
Objective: Get all the treasure from Episode 3

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