Scrapland - Cheat Mode


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Cheat Mode:
Put a controller into port 4 and hit start. Highlight Options, then click and hold the LEFT ANALOG STICK and enter A.

Easy Alarm:
Alarm level reduces almost instantly when out of sight.

Complete Crazy Deal:
Completes all current Crazy Bets, unlocking next Super Crazy Bet.

Dumb Enemies:
Enemies will not fire upon you.

One Million:
Gives you 1 millions Scraps.

50 Lifes:
Grants you 50 lifes.

God Mode:
Infinite health and energy. Also receives full weaponry, infinite ammo and infinite boost for ship

Avoiding cops:
If the cops are after you and you cannot lose them, go to Rusty's scrap yard. When you land or park, the cops will give up looking for you.

Easy money:
Use the Great Database and change into the head banker; his powers allow you to get money from more than one robot at once..

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