SpongeBob SquarePants: Globs of Doom - Cheat Codes


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Cheat Codes:

Result - Code:
Colorless enemies - Technus, Jimmy, traloc, Plankton
Enemies in blue - Beautiful Gorgeous, Zim, Plankton, Technus
Enemies in red - SpongeBob, Tak, Jimmy, Danny
Extra attack - Dib, Plankton, Technus, Jimmy
Extra defense - Zim, Danny, Plankton, Beautiful Gorgeous
Hard bosses - Plankton, Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, Traloc
Hard enemies - SpongeBob, Dib, Dib, Technus
Infinite health - Tak, Traloc, Jimmy, Beautiful Gorgeous
Instant KO - Dib, Tak, Beautiful Gorgeous, Plankton
Invincible partner - Plankton, Tak, Beautiful Gorgeous, SpongeBob
Items - Danny, Beautiful Gorgeous, Jimmy, Technus
Items - SpongeBob, Traloc, SpongeBob, Danny
Max defense - Plankton, Dib, Beautiful Gorgeous, Plankton
No health items - Tak, SpongeBob, Technus, Danny
Prices down - Traloc, Zim, Beautiful Gorgeous, SpongeBob
Super Beautiful Gorgeous - Beautiful Gorgeous, Technus, Jimmy, Beautiful Gorgeous
Super Danny - Danny, Zim, Danny, Beautiful Gorgeous
Super Dib - Zim, Plankton, Dib, Plankton
Super jetpack - Beautiful Gorgeous, Traloc, Jimmy, Jimmy
Super Jimmy - Technus, Danny, Jimmy, Technus
Super Plankton - Tak, Plankton, Dib, Technus
Super SpongeBob - Technus, SpongeBob, Technus, Traloc
Super Tak - Danny, Jimmy, Tak, Traloc
Super Technus - Danny, Technus, Tak, Technus
Super Traloc - Traloc, Beautiful Gorgeous, Dib, SpongeBob
Super Zim - Plankton, Zim, Technus, SpongeBob

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