Do You Want to Smell Like Sega

Epic Scents

These days it's not uncommon for strange pre-order bonuses to be packaged with games and for spin off products to exist in their droves. There was that severed head statue of a bloody zombie woman with Dead Island, figures and electronics, night vision goggles - there's a host of weird gaming related stuff you can get. But how about, a fragrance?

This is the plan with the team up between Epic Scents, a company that currently only seems to produce mega man related air fresheners, and Sega. Together they'll be creating calogne aimed at making you smell like a gamer. Or like the game characters. It's not really clear.

Hopefully the latter, as gamers aren't noted for their fine aromas.

It's not been released at this time, which characters or games will be featured in the partnership, but it would seem remiss if Sega didn't take the chance to create a Sonic perfume, or a Robotnik (no, he's not called Dr Eggman) cologne.

Which characters would you like Sega to mix into a bottle of scented alcohol? Ryo from Shenmue? Shadow the hedgehog?

More importantly perhaps, would any of you buy it or wear it?