Sony Is Aligning The Factors To Reduce PS3 Price

Sony Is Aligning The Factors To Reduce PS3 Price

Gamers and game developers have been pressuring Sony to drop the Playstation 3 price, and it seems that the company is finally trying to do so.

"Not to harp on about it, but the PlayStation 3 has a ten-year life cycle and there are issues of cost and profitability," Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president Andrew House told the Market for Computer and Video Games.

"We will make that move on price when all those factors are aligned."

House acknowledged that sales would increase if PS3 were to be cheaper, but he also said that there is an "inherent marketing challenge" to a price cut.

"In Europe I think people do see the value of the machine, the Blu-Ray and network services and take that all into consideration instead of just focusing on price. But we will look at price and will address it when the time is right."