Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - All Weapons Infinite Ammo Medipacks


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All Weapons Infinite Ammo Medipacks

Face Lara exactly north then enter the inventory. Highlight Small Medipack and press L Up X Up R Y.

Infinite LaserSight Ammo

Combine the Crossbow or Revolver with the LaserSight Zoom in hold L and press Start. Select the Pistols and press A. Exit the pause screen. All while still holding L.

Skip level

Holding L ,press left, right, down and up. than press A,B
Submitted by Ashley

All secrets

Press A,B up, down , right, left and A
Submitted by Ashley


Press A,P,G,L, and up while facing north, and while holding a flare
Submitted by wimsley jones

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