2014 predictions: Black Ops III kills CoD

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“Hold your horses there Jon,” you're probably saying, since you're from the 1800s and you know I'm talking about one of the biggest selling game series of all time. And sure, Call of Duty has a pedigree almost like no other, but it's slipping and doing so badly.

The last CoD, Call of Duty Ghosts, was released to at best, a mediocre fanfare with critics saying it was fine for what it was, but that it felt somewhat lazy, as if Infinity Ward was just going through the motions – which might be understandable, since the dev has been making these games for almost ten years at this point.

This lack of enthusiasm from those in the know, combined with the resolutiongate scandal and the fact that the new consoles split everyone across a ridiculous number of platforms, led to Ghosts selling 50 per cent less copies than last year's Treyarch developed Call of Duty Black Ops II.

Of course stumping Black Ops II would be quite a challenge, since it broke all sales records when it was released, only to be beaten out this year by GTA V. But a 50 per cent drop is very noticeable and perhaps indicative of a franchise that has seen its heyday.

While in the past Call of Duty was somewhat unrivalled in its mainstream appeal, Battlefield now contends head to head with it (even with its bugs), drawing just a fraction more praise from consumers that CoD seems to do. It's seen as the cooler, alternative to Call of Duty, which won't do much to sway the casual FPS fans, but for those that pick games based on features not on brand loyalty, they're much more likely to jump ship.

But the next game will likely be Black Ops III, a sequel to a much better received game than Ghosts, but despite sales only taking a recent dip, opinions on the franchise have been slipping since Modern Warfare II. The corridor like nature the way the single player funnels players through with explosions and enemies that can't hit anything unless they're on the hardest difficulty, combined with the nasty culture of 12 years olds on multiplayer and the narrow learning curve have made for a game that is designed to appeal to the broadest audience possible and therefore struggles to really hit home with anyone but the super casual console gamer.

And Kim Dotcom [Link]

The question is, will Treyarch be able to turn this trend around with its next one?

That's going to be really difficult, because to get out of the slump that the franchise is in, it'll need to shake up the formula a bit, but that's dangerous. One developer who made simple changes to some weapons in BOII was threatened with violence against himself and his family by CoD fans. What kind of response would there be if CoD did something drastic like, dropped the single player, or based it in an open world or just did something to make the experience feel fresh and less formulaic?

No, chances are the same thing will happen next year as happened this year. Call of Duty will be released to much fanfare, increasingly mediocre reviews and a slightly smaller pool of rabid gamers that will eat it up.

The console split will continue to be a problem, as not all Xbox 360 and PS3 gamers will have moved over to next-gen by then, so that means Treyarch is faced with two options: either it releases a version for both, with the last gen version being extremely substandard, or it releases one for the new-gen only, in which case it massively limits its market and angers fans in the process.

Either way, it seems like the next one is destined to repeat the sales slump of Ghosts. While it might pick up a bit, I can't see us going back to the days or the original Black Ops with over 25 million sold.

While CoD will continue to be made year on year, I don't think it will ever regain the title of the world's biggest selling hardcore game, partly because it's far from hardcore in itself, but also because it's lost too much steam. The franchise will continue, but Black Ops III will nail the coffin lid down on the Call of Duty as we knew it.

But of course this is all opinions and speculation. What do you guys think the next CoD game will do to the series? Will it ever recover?

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call of duty -black ops 3 vs world at war

I use to love playing world at war , simple guns , grenades,ect ect you went into the game with a 50/50 chance of winning , until the modders /hackers took over , ******* killed it for everyone lets hope black ops 3 goes back to basics ,and I hope they get rid of the tactical insertion , that has destroyed every single c.o.d

Ghosts was poorly executed

Ghosts was poorly executed the spawns and net code let it down in a big way, MW2 had great multiplayer and maps but since then IW hasn't made a decent COD, Treyarch have done ok with black ops 1 and 2 though and battlefield requiring origin is a real drag and CS just isn't as fun as it used possibly because valve have got their fingers in too many pies and can't even get their hit boxes right to be hopefully someone will release and good new multiplayer FPS in the near future.

Ill admit

I regret buying ghosts.. only bought it because my buddies all had it. i preferred bf4. cant seem to get into COD lately. bops 1 I played what felt like years... bops 2.. 1/4 as long ghosts.. 3 days..

BF4 vs COD

Might be a bit off topic, but a lot of comments here are comparing BF4 and COD. I a big BF fan and BF4 is **** right now! (As of today Dec 6 still crashes to desktop, lag and net-code problems...) I think is more the genre then say a particular series. As a fan I'm now looking at something total new then a BF or a COD game down the road. If Bungie's new game Destiny is any good I wont be buying either. [BF or COD] I give EA credit for trying something new like their "levolution" it does add something new to the game play. But the bugs..... my god!

One word....

Titanfall. This to me will be the one to end all fps. Its ambitious with all the detail and the variety the gameplay brings to the levels will keep the players on the edge. Theres still alot to be announced as far as level sizes and modes and this is the game that will be our answer to brake the mold of BF and COD.


I feel much the same, but I have one 'perspective' to toss out. Treyarch is also the dev that made World at War and Black ops and brought us the infamous Zombie mode. I agree CoD is declining, but when it comes to bringing fresh ideas and new life into the CoD series Treyarch has proven they have the ability. Infinity Ward was the one just re-hashing and re-releasing games. The MW series was fun, but just a rehash over and over, Ghosts proves that IW really doesn't know where to go forward from here. But Treyarch, idk, they might have something cooking.

Like I always said, make

Like I always said, make Zombies mode seperate from the pvp and single player, and I wouldn't even get black ops, just the zombies game hehe. Sure I prestige on them to the max but I haven't even bothered with the latest COD, it's just all the same ****. At least with Zombies the environment and feel is different every map. If I'm playing a tactical shooter, which is what cod series should be considered... I don't want some kid running and jumping off a cliff, spinning 10 times in mid air and getting a kill with a sniper rifle while spinning mid air lol. If I toss a grenade and it lands rolls and detonates right at my targets feet as he looks at it, I want him dead, I don't want the game saying, oh hey he's wearing a flak jacket so he lives, **** you. There's still fun to be had, and I always went positive by a factor of 1.5 to 1 at the very least so I can't complain about k/d ratio, but the game is still pretty agrivating nonetheless.

there hasn't been a good call

there hasn't been a good call of duty since the first modern warfare. since then they have just got worse every year the single player is way to easy even on the hardest setting and the multiplayer well rubbish. ok maybe the first black ops was not to bad but since then they have been really bad and the new one is total rubbish

there hasn't been a good call

there hasn't been a good call of duty since the first modern warfare. since then they have just got worse every year the single player is way to easy even on the hardest setting and the multiplayer well rubbish. ok maybe the first black ops was not to bad but since then they have been really bad and the new one is total rubbish

My opinion

More likely is they kill it after this year if it doesn't meet the annual income expectations and they throw something else in the grinder until the series gets "revived" in a few years, possibly as an open-world shooter with elements from Battlefield and perhaps *gasp* RPG elements ? We'll see. For the record I enjoyed the SP of BLOPS 1 & 2, and MW2.

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