Zelda Classic (v. 1.92 Update)


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Zelda Classic is a tribute to the greatest video game of all time: Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda". It is an almost exact replica of the NES version that we all know and love. Beyond that, Zelda Classic will allow the development of new quests that can use either the traditional graphics or enhanced graphics, as well as new enemies, items, and challenges.

New in this beta:

1.First attempt at a layering system:

The following are instructions from Warlock on how exactly to set
this up, and it can also be found in the copy of Newfirst attached
with this beta. Simply open Newfirst and go one screen east of Level
seven. then one screen south. There you will see a gateway that is
comprised of the new layers.

*Copy the screen you want overcombos on to a seperate screen/map.
* Replace all but tiles that are to be overcombos with blank (transparent color) tiles. The overcombos must also be surrounded with the transparent color for Link to be under them.
*Edit the original screen erasing the overcombo parts this time with whatever tiles will be under them (like ground).
*Go to the overcombo menu and select the map and screen that the overcombo screen is on.
Ground Overhead: Only ground units go under (not peahats, etc.)
Sky Overhead: All units go under

2. fixed the continue, enemy->item bug.

3. added the quest rule "linked combos". with this on, you can't walk between warp, trigger, etc combos to keep from activating them.

4. added the quest rule "no guy fire". keeps fires from appearing in guy rooms.

5. Over combo type.

6. hookshot over and pit combos.

7. fixed the windrobe and batrobe positioning code. no more robes in the walls.

Known Bugs:

1. Warping can cause you to restart at the wrong location.

2. "Phantom Room Syndrome" on some mini-maps.

Bugs fixed In This Beta

Text overwrites should be fixed now.

Templates should be working correctly.

Slash combo/enemy flag glitch is gone (hopefully).

Hammer doesn't double-pound combos anymore.

Wand goes through all enemies bug that was introduced in beta 31.

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Zelda Classic (v. 1.92 Update)

There is no way of downloading this game, I have tried everything I know for the last 45 minutes. Not only this game cannot be downloaded though, it seems to be all of them. You have some really nice games here...I really wish they had working links to download them. I will be back to check on the link for Zelda though...in the meantime I thought you would like to know that the links are not working for any downloads.Blessings to you....Carla

Zelda Classic (v. 1.92 Update)

This game rules. It is by far the best remake of the original Zelda for NES, which still ranks as one of my all-time favourites, even though the new pong has better graphics. (I don't like the new pong, by the way. It really sucks. I mean, what's with having to beat like 40 or so levels, just to get to the classic mode we all know and love? I think that was a load of steaming fecal matter). ZELDA RULES!!! All hail one of the single greatest games in history!!!


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