Grand Theft Auto Double Pack


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1 Cheat available for Grand Theft Auto Double Pack, see below

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Health CheatDuring game play press R, black, L, B,Left, Down, Right, Up, Left Down, Right, Up May take a few tries but it does work

Gta 3 Boomb the base Act 2 shoot 8-ball's head off you will fail the mission but when you do the mission again his head will just be floating there he will have no body.

To get the hunter more easily go to the police station and get the cop uniform and the army guys don't shoot you
You voted 'no'.

unlimited money;Get the hummer at the studio and catch it on fire then drive into the water,next turn you should have unlimited cash.If you dont .................your gay.

get a stick shoved in your assgo to the malibu, go on the dance floor, stand in front of a hooker, and hump the screen

more policeblack,black,L,black,left,right,left,right,left,right jo jo jo darren siebeler ik knal de politie kapot.


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