Grand Theft Auto Double Pack - Get light of intervention

Grand Theft Auto Double Pack - Get light of intervention

Get light of intervention

Use the following code: 62867251

Get money

Hit people after they fall down repeatedly to collect their cash.

Cross the Callahan Bridge

To cross the Callahan Bridge easier, go to 8-Ball's Autoyard and get the Banshee. Go to the broken bridge and enter the Dodo car cheat 2 times. Once you do, go really fast then hold up and you'll cross the bridge with ease.

Easy missions

When you do missions for Asuka you will be now working for her brother Kenji. After the first mission is completed, you will be working for Donald Love. One of the missions is called Waka-Gashira-wipeout. This is the mission where you have to kill kenji. After the mission is completed kenji will be dead and you just skipped 3 very hard missions from Kenji.

Easy sneaking

If you put the Angry Ped cheat on then go to the Military base the soldiers will be killing each other, and it makes it easier to sneak in. This helps a lot at the end of the game when you can get an Apache.

Fast cars and SUVs

When you finish all the SunShine Auto missions you get fast cars and a monster truck SUV.

Get a hummer

Go to Phil's Place to the North of Little Haiti and go into his big garage and you will find a Hummer siting right there in front of you

Get An Apache

To get the apache first beat the game and go to the Fort baxter airbase behind the airport. Go to the back of the base and it should be sitting there. But be careful unless you're wearing a cop suit or you will be killed by the army guys.

Hidden Golfcart

Follow the path that goes out the lighthouse. When you cross the bridge and the path run next to the water. It will be in the frist bush straight ahead on the right.

Hooker health

Park next to a hooker and honk. They will talk to you and get in. Take her to a dark area, your car will move and you will get 125 health.

Malibu Club performers

Go to the Malibu Club and check out the performers. They resemble the Village People.

Sea Sparrow Mini-gun

When you're in a Sea Sparrow behind the coke barons mansion, with at least 80 hidden packages. Press R1 to fire the mini-gun on the helicopter.

See vampire

Go to the Malibu club and go upstairs to the little room. Now go to where the small boat is and look in the mirror.

Stop car burning

While playing the game and your car gets on fire enter the Health cheat and your car should stop burning.

Unlimited ammo

Any time during the game enter any of the three weapons cheats repeatedly until a weapon gets to 10,000 ammo. You will then notice there's no number of ammo left - you now have unlimited ammo on that weapon. You lose it if you die or get busted, so be careful

Wear red leather

Press the following buttons during the game: right, right, left, up, L1, L2, left, up, down, right.

Change size of moon

Shoot the moon with your sniper rifle to make it change size

Easy Checkpoint Charlie

For all the People that can't be stuffed doing the Checkpoint charlie mission the right way, do the following. Get a hotring racer unlocked after forth list is delivered to the car showroom, park it close to the boats which will activate the mission, use the car float on water cheat and increase max speed cheat, get onto one of the boats and the mission will begin. As soon as it begins, get out of the boat and get back onto the hotring racer, then just drive through the lap.

Easy PCJ 600

There is a place where there is always a PCJ 600. First go to the greesy choppers place. Directly across the street there is two windows that can be broken. Break the window to the right and there will be a PCJ 600.

Enable a Hurricane

Press l1, l2, r1, r2, left, down, right, up, left, down, right, up. A message will confirm with and you better find shelter.

Enable low gravity

Press the following buttons during the game: right, R2, circle, R1, L2, down, L1, R1.

Extra Weapons

To get the rocket launcher and lots of other cool weapons, press the following buttons during the game: R1, R2, L1, R2, left, down, right, up, left, down, down, left.

Fast mode

Press the following buttons while in the game: circle, circle, L1, square, L1, square, square, square, L1, triangle, circle, triangle.

Fast tank

To make the tank go faster, turn the turret backwards and fire in rapid succession. You can now move faster than any other vehicle. It works on water too.

Floating Cars

You can drive on water by pressing the following buttons during the game to enable this cheat: right, R2, circle, R1, L2, square, R1, R2.

Get a typhoon

Press the following: R1, R2, L1, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up and a typhoon will blow you away.

Get Coast Guard Boat

Start from the cherry popper Ice Cream Shop and head south. You should pass a bridge on your left and then soon on your left you should see a narrow brown dock right next to the water. In the water below the front of the dock is a boat. Go to the edge and look down. You will see it. Do not jump from there though. You must jump from the south of the boat because you will fall in the water any other way. You may drown the first couple of times but once you finally get it you will have the coast guard boat

Get Extra Money For Good Citizen

When you kick a bad guy you will get the sign that says good citizen. After you get your money, wait until the numbers stop moving. Then kick him again. Do this repeatedly until the body disappears.