Lords of Magic


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1 Cheat, 6 Fixes available for Lords of Magic, see below

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"give all" gives 1000 gold crystal and ale,2000 movement points to the selected party,5 dragons,all spell knowledge and 3000 mana to the selected party and a level 20 Fife Warrior Lord

Higher DefenseThis code only works on "life" and "warrior". Click on EASY several times and it will give you higher defense.

type CNTL c then it says enter cheat all spells- gives you all spellsgo far- gives you great distancezilla- gives you a dragonbingo-200 gold, crystal, ale

i don't know a new cheat, but I send this mail because I don't know what is CNTL and I wantering if anybody know to send me a mail. thanks you very much

these cheats are not for lords of magic special edition.4 s.e. u use ctrl and c and da codes r: "bingo" 4 gold crystal and ale"go far" 4 movement"zilla" 4 dragon"all spells" 4 all spells and 1000 mana

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