Resident Evil 4


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15 Trainers, 1 Video, 7 Cheats, 6 Fixes available for Resident Evil 4, see below

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When you run to an approaching villagerzealot,soldier he or she will swing on you and miss use this to your advatageto run past him mostly used for chainsaw sisters or the man

in the castle were Leon says ''i need another person to get up there'' when you get ashley back return there and on the inside is a bunch of treasure.

Star trek taser gun:First you must beat the game normally then after you do beat the game in hard mode and you,ll have yourself the best weapon in the game and its well worth it cause it free

in salazars castle get the tmp if not purchased then to save ammo blast em in the leg and they should fall on the floor giving you enough time to slash em up good.

Infinite Ammo:To get infinite ammo you must sell one bullet to the weapons dealer, save then restart the game and play it again.

the lazer gun:to get the lazer gun you have to beat the game then get the pro difficulty setting the beat the game on pro then you get the lazer gun.

To do a Suplex you have to shoot a zombie in his/her leg, quickly run up to him/her and you will see suplex on by the A button.


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