Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun


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1 Cheat available for Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun, see below

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whilst play press F12enter the following codes:TransportsPrestigeMoneyLeadershipManpowerDifrulesNowarNolimitNofogHandsoffShowidfullcontrol

If you need resources to help youPress F12 again and simply type what you need.WoolSmallarms two words need a underscoreTo exit the F12 cheat window, press F12 again and any key.

press F12, then write money and press enter then you will get 5000. You can do it so many time you want&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;&65533;s.

Press F12 and write grain you get grain and cattle and you get cattle do you got it good = after that you only write what you need in the box

press F12 to enable cheat code window. money : 1000 money prestige: 100 prestige press [Ctrl][F12] to exit cheat window.

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