Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun - Get Resources

Victoria: An Empire Under The Sun - Get Resources
When playing game press F12 then type any of these cheats below and press enter again.

TRANSPORTS - Get Transports
PRESTIGE - Get Prestige
MONEY - Get loads of Money
LEADERSHIP - Get Leaders
DIFRULES - Play like a God
NOWAR - No War
NOREVOLTS - Defeat all
NOLIMIT - No Troops Limits
NOFOG - No Fog
HANDSOFF - Hands off all
SHOWID - Get Province IDs
FULLCONTROL - Total Control
EVENT 100 - Land unit moral upgrades
EVENT 101 - Land unit organization upgrades
EVENT 102 - Infantry 1 defence, 2 to max fortifications

Get Resources:
To get 100 of any resources just type the name of it. Here is the list: cotton, dye, tobacco, tea, coffee, opium, wool, silk, cattle, fish, fruit, grain, coal, sulphur, iron, preciousmetal, timber, tropicalwood, rubber, oil, steel, cement, glass, fuel, ammunition, smallarms, artillery, barrels, fertilizer, explosives, clipperconvoy, steamerconvoy, machineparts, automobiles, aeroplanes, electricgear, telephones, wine, liquor, cannedfood, fabric, regularclothes, luxuryclothes, lumber, paper, furniture, luxuryfurniture.