62000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring GTA 5 To PC

Following the announcement that the PC version of GTA V is still up for consideration, it was only natural to expect an online petition trying to convince Rockstar that there is enough demand to justify the expenses of developing a PC version.

The mandatory petition was opened by GTA fan, Mike Julliard, on change.org. At the time of writing, the petition was signed by more than 62,000 fans, nearly two thirds of the 100,000 signatures goal.

The petition reads as follows:

To: Rockstar Games,

Please release GTA V on PC. GTA games have been a large part of so many peoples lives and it's a big shame not seeing the newest iteration of the game being released on the most powerful platform. Things like modifications have always been a HUGE part of PC gaming and modded GTA is some of the most insanely fun times you can have.

I hope you consider the release of GTA V on PC as it'll make many people very happy!

GTA V is set for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in August 2013. The PC and Wii U versions of the game are still “up for consideration.

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The whole petition thing sounds like a publicity stunt to me. I mean of course they're going to release it on PC, no reason not too but releasing it on console first would be a better marketing strategy. It s got nothing to do with piracy either, they will make profit on it easily either way. Eg. Allen Wake was delayed, almost cancelled, when it was released then made profit in the first week of release, and that was no where near as popular as GTA. Chances are they're, aiming for the audience who will purchase it on both Console and PC.

i smell bullshit

you all remember what we were told about the controversy around GTA3 and how it was all bullshit? This is just hype, they want us to beg and clamour for the next title. They want US to market it for them. I say **** it, let the consoles have GTA. I loved you, but good riddance. I'll find another.

62000 Fans Sign Petition To

62000 Fans Sign Petition To Bring GTA 5 To PC - so that they can download it when it does comes out on PC. megagames is known for many pirates visitor, this is a good sign, hope u all can download the console version too. pirates is needed, because the games industry wont progress without pirates, piracy is in the end,. a positive push for higher sales.


lol retarted... i own a pc and i stoped downloading games a couple of years ago, and i don t miss it one bit, now i buy the games if they are worth it and the game that arent worth the buy, i don t waist my time dling them

PC Gaming dead again?

Oh no, it's not dead again is it? Shiiiit, this PC gaming fad has been dead more times than I can recall - only to surprise everyone by not only being alive and well - but by far the best platform for gaming of any sort, casual to hardcore, SIM to arcade and everything in between. As a little bonus, the PC can even do things that aren't gaming related, like play movies in every known format, it has free online play for most multi-player titles as well as mods that make even the best games better and free-to-play titles, stick with the console kid - cookie cutter games are probably all you know.


Console gaming is dying. Compare the sales. Besides what do you think video games are made on? MP3s? PC gaming cant die without taking all gaming with it. And lets not forget how few RTS games there are on the XBOX Compare to PC.

They'll release it for PC

They'll release it for PC later, first comes the consoles with their $60 price tag. Then after the price has been set and accepted they'll release it to PC gamers that must either wait a few years for a price drop or pay the console price.

They will

I'm sure R* will bring GTA 5 to PC, but they probebly don't know when. If they came out saying it will be out x months after the console versions, then folk will be hitting them wiht daft questions about system requirments, modability and release dates. R* are focused on getting GTA 5 done and out to the public on the platform which will give them the best start. After that they will look into the other worth while platforms.

I may

I definitely missed that consideration part when they announced the game, always thought it's gonna be a 100% release on PC, I was wrong. I'm not sure what rockstar has to consider, only thing I can think of is piracy and nothing else beside that. I remember when GTA 4 came out, a few friends bought it for the pc including my sister which is a big fan of GTA. Game companies need to stop with this console exclusivity crap. There aren't just pirates on pc

This is how it is

"only thing I can think of is piracy and nothing else" - Ok so here's a little free knowledge for you. Consoles have the same hardware components throughout their lifetime. A slim xbox elite isn't faster than the first version released many years ago. That makes developing for a console so much simpler than for pcs because there is one cpu, one gpu, one OS etc, if it runs in one console, it runs in all of them (of the same brand). Also consoles are pretty much plug and play, you pop the disk and play the game. In PCs we have a variety of cpus, gpus, memory chips, hard disks, drivers and people of many different skill levels. So they have to make a game that works in PCs mostly used by teenagers that have zero notions of information security, access porn sites often and generally don't know how to maintain a PC. So from that we get performance issues, crashes, wrong/old drivers, and other issues that stem from the fact that PCs aren't toys and not everyone attended computer science in college to know how to use them properly. So making a game to work in such chaotic environments can be a pretty big challenge (not to mention costly), when faced with such a thing a company can do one of two things, delay the console version so they release it all together or release the console version when its ready and keep working on the PC version.

LOL and yet thousands of Indy

LOL and yet thousands of Indy Developers with far less funding and know how manage to release games every day that run just fine on the PC, this is just the typical Rock Star Bullshit trying to squeeze every peny out of the consumer by signing deals with the consoles to make exlusive games, it has nothing to do with trying to make it work on PC, the xBox and PS3 have been out for more than 6 years now and any PC made in this time is more than powerful enough to run anything made for the consoles with very little effort. Not to mention if it works on xBox its already going to work on PC, the hardware is exactly the same as what your PC uses just 6 to 7 years older, if they spent less time worrying about pinching every peny and put that into making the best game they could then they would make more money from people buying the game instead whats going to happen is that people are either not going to buy it because they dont want it on console or its not good enough of a game to pay full price for so people will just pirate it. And before you say that people will just pirate it anyways, thats a stupid argument, there are people that will just pirate anyways but they are the people that dont own consoles or if they do have hacked versions, you will never get money out of these people ever so stop trying with stupid schemes.

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