Alien: Isolation screenshots appear

Remember those concept and box art images of Sega and Creative Assemly's Alien: Isolation game? Well now we have some screeshots to go with them and oh boy does this look like it's on track to be a lot better than Aliens: Colonial Marines.

That's not saying much, so let me frank, this game has CRT monitors. That's a giant selling point for this game. Why? Because that's the tech that was used in the original Alien movie. Alien was released in 1979, so a game based around the Alien franchise, especially one that takes place not too long after the original film, should have faithful technology, which these screens have in abundance.

There's also a distinct lack of xenomorphs too, not one in fact. In all the screenshots there's not a single alien present and that's a good thing. Alien should be the equivalent of Amnesia in space. Aliens: Colonial Marines made much more sense to try and emulate something like Left 4 Dead, because the sequel was an action movie, but the original film was survival horror at its finest.

So let's count off. We've got: low-tech sci-fi, no aliens to be seen (yet), the traditional motion tracker and a distinct lack of aliasing which is nice to see.

Let's not get out hopes up yet, but I'm starting to get quietly excited by this one. I'm a big Alien fan and this gets the thumbs up from me. So far.

[Cheers Eurogamer]

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This guy is a fool. It's like for 2 decades there has never been a good alien game. Ever. Not even remotely enjoyable. This guy here is just ignoring this foul legacy, and already buying into hype which does not exist. Like he pre orders hype

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