Amazon Leaks GTA V Release Date Twice

According to an Amazon listing that was removed promptly, GTA V will be released on March 26th, 2013.

The date in the Amazon listing might very well be a mistake, but it was also conveyed to all GTA V fans who preordered it through Amazon.

This date is within the official release window of “spring 2013.”

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It's so silly that game developers are so "worried about leaks" Seriously, you aren't the Military, you don't have secrets that enemy goverments want to use against you. It's video games, who gives a **** if we know the release date of a video game, or see videos of the game while they're being made. I.E. Blizzard Entertainment with Project Titan, "shush shush" totally ridicolous. If you want your games to sell, talk about it, release stuff, let the public know what's up. "leaked release date" doesn't hurt anyone in any way what so ever. And if it isn't a correct date, no harm done, because the game company didn't make it official.

So true...

What they really fear with the "leaks" (screenshots, videos) is that some customers won't buy the game, just look at diablo3, we watched the videos, saw WoW faggotry in the game and went to buy torchlight 1 and 2, because well informed customers will buy what really fits their taste. When game companies worry about this info, it's because the game will SUCK and they want the suckers... I mean the gamers to buy an overpriced box of ****!

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