GTA V PC Version Delayed?


While it might not come as much of a surprise to those who have waited for the PC version of any past GTA games, it looks like there will be a delay in the release of the game on that platform for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 5 too.

A piece of retail promo material, a small billboard designed to be placed outside a retailer, shows a "Spring 2013" release date on it, but underneath that it only features the Xbox 360 and PS3 logo. In the middle, where you might expect a Games For Windows logo too, there is only a Twitter hashtag. Eagle eyed readers might spot that there is no mention of a Wii U version on there either.

Discovered by a NeoGaf forum member, the news has annoyed quite a few fans of the game, but others see it as an expected delay after Rockstar's focus has continually become more console orientated in the past few years - similar to many other developers. However, we can at least expect a few extra features when the PC version is finally release. Multiplayer servers will likely be better and we may get higher player counts. There will also probably be the ability to use customised radio playlists.

Rockstar has yet to comment on this news, though it said last week that big news of the game would be coming soon.

Are you guys annoyed by this? Or is it just par for the course with GTA?

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Not the problem at all,

Not the problem at all, piracy is accounted for before the game is even in development. Thing is consoles games are expensiver than PC games in most parts of the world, in some console games can cost as much as 200% the price of their PC counterparts. It only makes sense to delay the PC version so kids who can't deal with hype just go and buy the console version.

I agree, but i am fine with

I agree, but i am fine with this. pirates are gonna pirate. rockstar makes a great game, and they deserve some coin. if they can make a little more by delaying the pc release, im ok with it. i just hope the pc release isnt just a crappy console port.

Consoles can go DIAF. They've

Consoles can go DIAF. They've been ruining good gaming for years. Sure they sell, but that's only because they're making the games dumb enough for regular people to play. I want to get back to when games were good, and the best only came out on PC.


False, op only shows his complete ignorance regarding development processes. Games have a release date from day 1 they're in development. They're just not made public until the company feels peopel should know when the game comes out. Its all about marketing and hype. Thus a game can (and more often than not is) delayed even if the release date hasn't been made public yet.

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