AMD Moving To DRAM Business

Without much fanfare, AMD started offering DDR3 DRAM modules under the Radeon brand name.

As of now, the Radeon branded RAM is available in three tiers, a 1333 MHz "Entertainment" tier (9-9-9 timings), a 1600 MHz "ULTRAPRO Gaming" tier (11-11-11 timings), and an "Enterprise" tier with unannounced timings or speed. Only 2GB memory sticks are available with no news about larger sizes being planned.

It is worth noting that the PC DRAM is a highly-competitive low-margin market that has seen several companies fleeing in recent years. Why would AMD choose to expand into such market is beyond us.

No solid news is available yet about the RAM's pricing.

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its pretty obvious why

for more money lol. newbie building a computer "oh ive got a amd board with amd processor and ati on-board, OH WOW AMD makes ram of course ill buy that cause im a consumer whore!" its no biggie to people who know what they are doing and can see through the shite


You do realize that an Ati based motherboard runs their graphics cards better then if you were to run an Nvidia based gpu on them. Maybe the same will go for ram too, different memory timings utilize mother boards in dirrerent ways

Oh sure

There is nothing wrong with their cards, It's their driver development that sucks. I'm an Nvidia and Ati user myself, and from my personal experience Nvidia has shader cores and better driver management. Ati has better overclockability, looks better, and performs better with with some types of games. All and all they are both great cards, but both have their shortcomings

you sir are an idiot every

you sir are an idiot every one knows that ati cross fire is as useless as your grandmother being a pro wrestler amd processors i find work great on nvidea boards overclocked and ran on sli its all a miss n match game and if your single branding your just buying a hp or a e machine every real pc builder knows that single branding is never the way to go every company focuses on a specific technology for that reason nvidea phys x\ ati crossfire\lintel wut ever \amd 64bit processors with build in gpus so you can do single brand but ill guarantee my graphics and performance are always going to shit on yours im running 2 nvidea gtx 560 sli on a nvividea motherboard with its built in gpu runing strictly physics {thats 3 gpus] runing at the same time with a amd 6 core black edition processor at 4.3 ghz and 2 gskill 2 gb ripjaws at 1600mhz and two 2 corsairs special edition 2gb at 1600mhz all thats 8 gb of ram i forgot what my power source is but its puting out 1600 watts and its set up to run 4 ati cross fire cards or 4 nvidea sli cards and i can run circles around you my friend are there better systems hell yeah i can only work with what i can afford but the point is you need to learn how to properly build cause you might just end up a geeksquad geting charged 100 bucks to install a video card lol

Mixing RAM?

Bad idea, only an idiot would do it. Sounds like you've got quite a system there w/a nameless 1600W PSU. All that just to run games in a world where they're all made to run on 5 year old obsolete consoles. Any gaming computer w/more than one video card is currently pointless. Any gaming computer w/more than 2 cores is currently pointless, any gaming computer w/over 4GB of RAM is currently pointless & by the time it's not you can get something @ least 2X as good for half the price.

"To each his own", but you're a dope.


Way to go, you have 2 560's, big deal. If you had 2 560 TI's well that would be something . Mixing memory, are you really that stupid? Brag about having 3 GPU's because your $50 MB has on board GPU, and using it as PhysX is just another noob move, you need at least 1GB of ram for it to be working it's best, which it doesn't really matter because that onboard gpu is worthless. You really can’t remember what PSU you bought, I suppose everyone forgets a 1600 watt PSU, considering how much it cost, so nice lie there. I have 2 570's and a 260 for PhysX, also a 1090T at 4.2 on a 990FX MB because unlike you I buy a MB that is upgrade proof for the next amd cpu, and I don’t need a 1600 watt PSU, maybe if had 1/2 a brain you would of spent extra money on a better MB. Also since you said something about PhysX in your post, if you really knew anything you would know you can use a NVidia for PhysX even when AMD card is main on windows 7, all it takes is hit apply on the mod in safe mode and restart, but who really cares since there is really only maybe 3 worthwhile games that even use it. Evan though I have NVidia cards in my main PC right now, got my 570’s for $240 each so couldn’t pass that deal up, AMD looks better a bit better game wise, and OMFG its crazy how much better movies look with AMD cards. So stop being a fan boy and start looking at the truth.

are you kidding me?

you come in here with your broken ass english, trying to tell people how to build a computer, and that yours runs circles around someone elses? dude you admit to running two different brands of ram together.... shut the hell up. no one serious, about gaming rigs, would run two different ram sticks in the same machine!you know nothing of which you speak. just pack it up, go home, and wait for your random blue screen crashes, general instability, and sad ass computer


WoW you must have collected a load of Santa's savings to tell us that, dang I sure can't top that pudding. I bet you make mom happy, you lil cub scout you. You should try on grannies thong, who knows if it fits you can make good monies off that yup.


I would like to introduce to this new piece of technology called a period. Oh, and you can't forget about the comma. When you pair the two of these bad boys up PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO SAY.

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