Angry Birds Creator: Piracy Is Good For Developers

Publishers and developers are used to blaming piracy for all their misfortunes, but at least one developer has acknowledged that piracy has benefits that might outweigh its drawbacks.

Speaking at the Midem conference in France, Rovio CEO Mikael Hed explained that they have learned a lot from the music industry; or rather from music industry's mistakes.

"We could learn a lot from the music industry, and the rather terrible ways the music industry has tried to combat piracy," he said.

Hed then explained that as long as pirates don't hurt the studio's Angry Birds brands or rip customers off, it makes little sense to fight them with legal actions. On the contrary, the company should cherish the fact that piracy brings in more fans and increases the game's popularity.

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As an aspiring developer I will only say one thing. When my indie game drops, pirate the fucking shit out of it. Wanna know why? because I would be more proud than I have ever been in my life knowing someone would go out of their way to obtain something I created, even if they could not afford it. Some of these AAA titles are pulling in hundreds of millions of dollars in their first week. Call of Duty for example had an estimated development cost of 18 - 28 million, release day revenue was 350 million. In the first day they made enough money for everyone who worked on the game to retire comfortably. These companies can fuck right off, stop bitching and get back to swimming in your money pools and maybe jsut be happy people are interested in what you are creating.

I pirate, I also purchse

I pirate MANY games. The oens i enjoy a lot, i buy. Simple.

If there was no piracy, there's no way in hell I'd buying any of those gaems, and even not some that I did end up buying, as there'd be no way for me to try them first. Shelling out 50-60 bucks for a game that apepars good but is, - in reality - trash, REALLY hurts.

It wasnt't so much the case back when gmes had demos, but I ahvnet seen a demo for a big titel in years. THough I wasn't to sure aobut bf3 until i tried teh demo they releaed. Then i bought it.

I'm so sick of the word "piracy"

A pirate is someone who takes from someone else, something material, by force. People who copy software, are not stealing anything, by force or otherwise. The ease of replication that makes it so easy for the public to copy is also the advantage that all media creators have. Code can be replicated an infinite amount of times almost for free. A TV set can not. A loaf of bread can not. There are many other ways of getting rich. If companies lose so much in the gaming industry, or any media industry, then why bother? Because it's what game creators love to do? Well if that's the case, and they love to do it, then why all the bitching about money? Musicians, actors, athletes & game creators do what they do to make money doing something fun. Those that actually get paid for such things live a life of luxury that most don't & can't, because some of us have to do the real work around this place, the real work that gives all you cry babies a place to play. I can do without Metallica & id Software & Bill Maher. Three things I'm a huge fan of. I can't do without farmers, construction workers, engineers, scientists, doctors and every other person who makes up the backbone of society. If you cry babies don't like it, go get a real fucking job & do something that's worth more to society. If game companies profits were hurting so bad then why are there more developers & more games coming along now than ever before? Why do some people use video games to fund other projects. Richard Garriot being one example & I personally think John Carmack is another.

Software sharing is here to stay. Get used to it.

It's hilarious how all the

It's hilarious how all the respective entertainment industries (and to a lesser extent the general public) act like piracy is a new phenomenon, when in fact people have been "pirating" music, games, and movies for decades. Yet in the past they didn't bitch nearly as much as they do now.

Just leads me to believe that the CEOs are pocketing all the money and not paying their talent, which is also not a new phenomenon.


Of course its new cough cough, its the age that introduced DRM and other dumb piracy prevention methods. They should might as well bar end user use of license for life the way these assholes work. I think the most ridiculous thing the industry has tried to do is basically leverage the EULA to a binding state where use of software agreements would stand up in court. So in retrospect is much deeper than pockets of greed and piracy placebos, it is in fact a prevention system locking the end user to their way of thinking. Thus making us like it.

Big Companies bad, small good

Big companies hate the piracy, because they spend so much on advertising that they reach all the customers that pretty much care. Though pirates still give them extra customers, they just like to make more and more money and will do all the can to make it. Small companies can skip advertising and go completely viral/social networking for sales. Minecraft for example was not shown on TV, magazines, and website ads, but it still sold extremely well. People pirated it to get friends to try it out. Once they got a chance to try it out on their friend's server, some go out and buy it to support it as well as remove the hassle of having to find a new pirated copy for the latest update.

Think about it

Prices cause piracy, exspecialy regional pricing, I live where the new releases cost around 100-120$ and taking our salary's into the scene.. Most just cant afford most games. Fix the pricing and dont allow game sending from other countries, where the prices are in balance.. Otherwise its just madness and nothing good will happen ;) STOP ACTA!

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