Apple: We Are Big On Games But Not Traditional Games

Speaking at the D10 conference, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the audience that Apple is “in gaming now in a fairly big way,” but it is not interested in “traditional gaming.”

“Gaming has kind of evolved a bit,” he explained; “More people play on portable devices. Where we might go in the future, we'll see. Customers love games.”0

Cook was then quick to reaffirm that “I'm not interested in being in the console business in what is thought of as traditional gaming.” “But Apple is a big player today, and things in the future will only make that bigger.”

One of the audience then asked if Apple intends to focus on games on TV, to which Tim responded that “it could be interesting.”

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The Rotten Apple

True. But Apple is one of the companies that employ people with big mouth and even bigger ego. And their hardwares are overrated, just like Alienware. Well, at least you can play tons of PC games and even emulators with an Alienware product.

Still, both companies suck.

That really isn't the case -

That really isn't the case - only insecure men who have never used a mac and only believe what they hear from 'tech journalists' desperately clinging onto their terrible, outmoded convictions to be part of the 'alt'(actually very mainstream windows/linux/android) jerkfest think any of those things :/ (LOL ONE BUTTON MOUSE! MACS DONT PLAY GAMES! MACS USE OLD HARDWARE Please, it's not 1996 anymore - not that you'd know it looking at the latest 'developments' from Microsoft and the completely out of touch with the market PC giants) Honestly, I'm not sure any of those things have been true outside the self-absorbed minds of the pseudo-geek media.

I think Apple will try to

I think Apple will try to remain as neutral as possible with their iOS + AppleTV setup and let developers and consumers decide where they go with regards to games - it's the only way that makes sense given their market strategy. Build a platform, let people decide how they will use it.


"Build a platform, let people decide how they will use it." Mate Apple have some of the most closed platforms around. You can't even make an mp3 song into a ringtone on their phones without their express permission. Apple will always keep their platforms closed so they can control the user experience and provide a familiar and consistent experience among their products and their users.

1) This has nothing to do

1) This has nothing to do with my comment, my comment was about developer support - not using a device as a toy, and your statements are completely untrue, as is plainly evident to anyone who has developed with Apple devices in mind, and 2) All developers have complete access to the public API's apple provides. iOS is just as open as Windows, the Xbox, the PS3, the Wii and almost every other consumer device available in this regard. The only people who honestly understand and hold opinions to the contrary are out of touch technology conspiracy theorists like Corey Doctorow and Richard Stallman, who missed out on the Apple bandwagon twice and hold them in bitter regard.

And yes, you can have any song you want a as ringtone - search for 'audiko' - though if your definition of an open system is one where you can set a ringtone, you desperately need to re-evaluate what aspects of an open system you think are important.

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