Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation Has Save Wiping Bug

Assassin's Creed 3 Liberation Bug

If you're currently playing Assassin's Creed 3: Liberation, you should take note that a bug has been discovered that is corrupting saves. It exists in the newest patched version of the game and happens when a player's ship gets stuck between New Orleans and Havana. Exiting to the menu and trying to reload at this point appears to make the save completely unusable.

Unfortunately this is one that many players are experiencing, some having posted their experiences on the Ubisoft forums. One user, MattWillis said that after his ship got stuck he, "exited the game through the start menu to reload it and the game would no longer load and kept resetting back to the ubisoft logo."

Ubisoft forum manager Mr_Shade responded by saying: "Sorry for the problems you are having. Please do contact Ubisoft support directly - they can help solve the issue - or forward details to the team working on it!" He also said that he had passed the information on to the development team, so that hopefully the bug would be fixed soon.

It seems like for now the safest option is to simply not play the game. However, the ship's seem to be getting stuck the most just outside of Havana, so if you need to play, avoid that port.

Have any of you run into this problem? If so let us know.

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see? thats why /i always told

see? thats why /i always told u so! Ubisoft is **** and need to be punished , because they keep coming back for these kind of mistakes, sucks to be the one who buy their games! what u can do is download the games! download it and then copy it to ur friend, seed the torrent. this way, Ubisoft must change their ways,. and maybe make a good game tomorrow.

AC3 had some bugs in it as

AC3 had some bugs in it as well even with the 1st day patch. These people make games quick THEN worry about fixing it. They think just because we have huge hard drives now that the don't have to fully complete work on a game.

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