Bad Xbox One reviews aren't verified buyers


Well the cat's out of the bag, the Xbox One has been released and what do we have to show for it? A bunch of negative (as well as positive) reviews. This isn't massively surprising, as the PS4 similarly suffered a lot of poor reviews right out of the gate, discussing the now infamous Blue Light of Death. However in that instance, most of the poor reviews came from Amazon Verified Purchasers, not so with the Xbox One reviews.

In-fact,almost none of the Xbox One negative reviews come from those that bought their console from Amazon. Now that doesn't mean that these people didn't buy a console at all, they perhaps just bought it from somewhere else.

However, it seems a bit suspect and suggests that the bad reviews should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Of course there are some that you can't chalk up to PS4 fanboys, or liars, as a few Youtube videos of a disk drive wobble have begun appearing (see bottom for video).

There are a few others too who have legitimate concerns, but until the dust has settled, it's going to be hard to tell the scale of the problems with the Xbox One. Have any of you bought one and suffered problems, or now someone with a faulty new console?

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Suspect Reviews

I am not sure that the info in this about Amazon Reviews is correct. I have never been able to leave a review if I did not purchase the item from Amazon. I read about half of the one star reviews and most of them praised Amazon's customer support, but blasted Microsoft for putting out a defective device. Went back and reviewed all the "professional Review people" and they all think the x-box one is "great." There are some serious issues with the device. Microsoft needs to review its business model on this one, looks like it will fail...........

Literally the first three

Literally the first three pages of one-star reviews are verified and make the same complaint, what are you talking about? There's probably more but I cbf checking. This is worse than he BLOD at this rate and MS haven't said a word. #america

got my xbone

got mine yesterday and works great, things so quiet compared to my old 360. still at least with the broken blu rays they can at least still use the console (digital downloads) unlike the blod lol, good luck with the warrenty my ps3 took 2 months since the first one they sent back had the ylod.

they had a couple of demo

they had a couple of demo units set up at the shopping centre where I live. Both died and the manager of the EB was screaming at Microsoft over the phone for maybe half an hour and said it was a lost as bad as the 360 launch. the JB Hi FI unit was working fine though so maybe MS give bad units to people they hate? There were only four people who wanted to demo the XBONE the entire time I was there though.

Well you can do that if you

Well you can do that if you want, but it's what happened - and why wouldn't they call MS, they supplied the units? Who are they supposed to complain to, EA? ******* moron. I call BS on you ever having had a job though if that's any consolation.

Yea you really don't know

Yea you really don't know what you are talking about. MS supplies the consoles to corporate. The units than get shipped to corresponding stores. A manager would not complain directly to MS genius EVER!. They would call up the DM or call up corporate for refrub or just send it back in to corp. Please do us a huge favor and shut the **** up with your bullshit posts.

Yea I keep seeing the same

Yea I keep seeing the same pattern over and over with your responses. You never worked there, and if you did you were never a assistant manager or manager in general. A manager would never call up ms tech support and scream to them over the phone when customers around. **** like that gets you dismissed quickly. So if that moronic manager that you know actually calls up directly to ms tech, and screams over the phone about some non-sense in front of customers... I would love to know the store # he's at.

Great comeback, you really

Great comeback, you really put me in my place and rethink my life, you know, the life where I tell people things occasionally and they irrationally lash out because they're narcissistic egomaniacal douchebags? /fanboy

What the **** is wrong with

What the **** is wrong with you? Are you autistic or something? You haven't read a single word I've said, have? Maybe if I spell it out clearly? WHY ARE YOU SO OFFENDED AND ANGRY THAT SOMETHING FUNNY HAPPENED TO A BIG COMPANY? You keep saying you're not a fanboy but jesus christ you're wearing it on your wrist...

lol how pathetic can you be

lol how pathetic can you be to lie about something that you havent experienced, its like a virgin saying had sex multiple of time but in reality hes masterbating 5x a day. and bad disk isnt as bad as a BLOD by sony.... haha i called it BLOD

There you go owner negligence

There you go owner negligence right there. Guess what buddy all the consoles are the same. Even a PC disk drive. Sticker clearly states not to move the console around with a disk inside. Very basic thing happens. Either the disk gets chewed on, or the disk drives gets screwed up. Why would you give a PS4/XBO to a 12 year old? So he can cry and ***** over the mic to everyone when he plays a game online? ****** parent you end up to be.

Literally every disk drive I

Literally every disk drive I've owned ever can be moved with a disk in **even when it's spinning** and worked perfectly fine. This includes 2 PS3's, a PS4, a 2001 Xbox, a 1998 slot-loading DVD ROM drive and countless laptops. There is no excuse for such poor product quality and design from one of America's largest corporations except incompetence. Keep on fanboying though Mr. War.

The sticker says "Don't move

The sticker says "Don't move the console with a disk in the drive" not "This brand new unused drive is DOA and will never play games" you moronic ******* fanboy, get over yourself - the disk drive is broken in like half the consoles, it's not a user error. ******* idiot fanboy ***** like you make gamers look like a bunch of entitled ********, you know that?

Woah buddy... take a breath.

Woah buddy... take a breath. First of all I am not a fanboy of Xbox. PC MASTER RACE dumbass. Second of all moving any disc media which is spinning in a drive will cause damage period. Being a useless **** yourself and talking about how much experience you have moving these devices around just tells me how much of a moron you are. Especially talking about laptop drives... /facepalm. You do realize they have a snap feature on those bays so you could spin the laptop in the air if you wanted to with a disc in there right? Moron will be a moron. You know what? Go eat a bag of dicks. Not a user error... Of course it isn't. It's never the user's fault for everything.

Walks like a fanboy, talks

Walks like a fanboy, talks like a fanboy - you know the rest right? OH and add to the top of that list "makes up technical **** to look smart but doesn't succeed". Dude, GTFO yourself, calm down and move on. And stop fanboying.

Dude, telling someone to get

Dude, telling someone to get over themselves when they've just pointed out how enormous your ego is and told **you** to get over yourself is just pathetic. I actually feel sorry for you, that you have to repeat other people's arguments back to them because you can't defend yourself or the things you've said.

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