Bethesda Has Nothing To Do With Prey 2 Countdown Website

A lot of Prey fans believe that the mysterious alien text on Alien Noire is actually a countdown for Prey 2.

Well, the website got updated earlier this week to include Bethesda and Human Head Studios logos in addition to Prey 2 logo.

Furthermore, the source code of the page (which is not normally seen by visitors) was updated to include the text "Tommy needs your help with a stranded human who wants to go home." Coincidently, Tommy is the name of Prey’s Cherokee protagonist.

With developer and publisher logo and all, this looks like a legitimate PR stunt. But Bethesda made it clear that this is not the case. "I don't know what that is or who is doing it. It's not something we're doing," a Bethesda spokesperson asserted.

Bethesda’s statement is quite definitive, but one has to wonder: why didn’t Bethesda take legal action to remove its logo from the page?

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I think the only thing anyone

I think the only thing anyone liked about the original Prey was the fact that it was a completely different experience from the regular bull ID feeds its market, or the fact it had a completely different team behind it. Either way Prey was the game that actually came close to modern crapware yet still somehow maintained a crappy nostalgia that eventually wore off.

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Prey 2

Actually it would be very good because, Prey was the first game that brought portals and basically started playing with our minds. Prey 2 will be really good! considering prey was made in 2005, the graphics wouldnt be that great. Now it is 2013 and the graphics on most games are fantastic so I think that Prey 2 would be fantastic.


Links aren't displaying correctly sorry for so many messages But megagames is removing web links probably due to spam or something so you need to complete the link yourself just remove my spaces Just like the website its a game Image1 Complete the link HttP i47 tinypic com/qzhj0o.jpg Image2 Complete The link HttP i45 tinypic com/elazw7.jpg hopefully this works now


Go to the page Zone alarm browser security says its suspious and leave now but if you open the page source code and look through the first lines you'll come to this (function(){Countdown(new Date("Mar 1 2013 15:00:00"));});function Countdown(then){this.then=then;function setElement(id,value){if(value.length<2){value="0"+value;}


Never heard of the page, but after seeing the post, took 5 seconds of blank looking with a good range of view to read it all. They really didn't try hard on it at all. There's a good reason the extra logos are on there, and to explain why I'll just give this example; If those logos weren't on there, I wouldn't have heard of the page in the first place.

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