Bethesda Warns Against Installing Doom 3 BFG Edition On Xbox 360

Although the option is available in the game, Bethesda is advising Xbox 360 Doom 3 BFG edition players not to install it to their consoles’ hard drives.

"There is no performance advantage to installing the game to your hard drive," admitted Bethesda’s global community lead Matt Grandstaf.

Even more, installing the game to the Xbox 360 hard drive actually disables some features. More precisely, doing so prevents the classic Doom and Doom 2 games bundled on the disc from running.

So why did id Software include that option which wastes hard disk space while reducing functionality and offering no benefits whatsoever? Our guess is as good as yours. Just don’t use it.

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Umm, id is dumb.

They did it 'cuz who the **** wants to play the same dark hallway marathon all over again?!!!! ID software has no clue and/or no care about makin' a game. What they do is called "John Carmacks Rocketeer Fundraiser". Building rockets is baucy, but ID Software ain't.

I install games not because

I install games not because of the faster load times. It is because Microsoft replaced my 360 with a piece of **** 360. And now just to hear my games if not installed ill have to have my surround sound turned up to 30+ volume.

I install everything to the

I install everything to the HDD not because I want faster loading times, but because the 360 DVD way too loud. Why the hell would they cripple this functionalty in their game? Even Halo 3 worked just fine on the HDD, just made loading times slightly longer.

Installing a game on a 360 is

Installing a game on a 360 is an option provided by the 360 itself not the game. Id didn't include it but perhaps someone in the office there should have taken it into account before pushing the game out to the publishers and then having to hastily warn users after the fact. However, those of us who've owned a 360 for a while will know that HDD pre-caching games like this are best not installed anyway.

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