BioWare Cofounder Explains The Origins Of The Name

Dr. Ray Muzyka, one of the three BioWare studio founders, revealed the story behind studio's name.

"The three founders, Greg, myself and [Augustine Yip] our third partner, we were all medical doctors by training, so it was a tongue-in-cheek reference to us being medical doctors," he explained. "It was also a reference to software for humans. The original logo had the BioWare name and then a robot hand and human hand, the idea of a machine and human interface. ... We thought it was a memorable name and it was free [for use], as well. The idea of the medical reference was quite popular, it's continually come back up over the past couple decades, so in that sense it was a pretty good name, I guess."

The two hands were later dropped from the logo, but not before they were printed on the trio's business cards and on collector T-shirts.

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