Blizzard Admits That World Of WarCraft Is On The Decline

In its latest earnings call, Activision Blizzard forfeited that World of WarCraft is dying slowly and that the famous MMORPG has lost 1.3 million subscribers in the first quarter of 2013 alone.

According to Activision Blizzard, the number of World of WarCraft subscribers has declined by 14% in Q1 2013 and that the total now is 8.3 million. Moreover, the company expects the number to keep falling as more free-to-play games get released.

But WoW’s decline didn’t really hurt Activion Bizzard’s bottom line since other franchises have picked up its slack. In fact, the giant publisher’s registered total sales of $1.32 billion in Q1 2013, almost 16% more than last year’s Q1 total sales of $1.17 billion. The company’s net income for the period is $456 million, a $72 million improvement over last year’s $384 million.

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Excellent the cash cow has finally start giving its players blood instead of pure gaming milk deliciousness. I don't want to resort to profanity or insults in regards to Blizzard's actions to continue milking the most addictive yet tedious game this planet has set eyes upon. So you want to know where I stand in the pool knowledge in relation to WoW? I know that its a huge player base that loves socialising and hooking friends into the Blizzard/Activision Pyramid scheme that is WoW. So here goes a story that turns a bare-bones hackNslash MMORPG into an insanely addictive pyramid driven fat cow machine where the creators of WoW just sit on piles of money that oozes out of their computers, toilets, walls and other various orifices. In the beginning Blizzard was the at the helm of the most darkest, hackNslash horror DIABLO 1&2 The games where designed for the mature minded life craving creative spewing humanoids. So Bliz got rich and eventually they made an MMORPG called WoW....which is no big deal untill they discovered while watching old people and young people interacting with the pokies at the pub. Blizzard was hit by an ion storm from the planet is time to turn games into pokies machines but the players get invited to use those pokies machines by their best friends, and then they invite their friends and so on....and so forth. Thus the pyramid scheme is built, this is not an old concept, many adults use these to try to get rich quick but a huge 80% of people joining the PYRAMID schemes like AMWAY are turned into robots and conscript other robots to get more robots....on and on this goes. BRILLIANT lets eat a sandwich in response to this win today **says the Blizzard Man Cloaked in an evil pink coat. 10million players socialise over WoW, spending mind numbing hours on tasks in the game that are so soulless and lack the level of gaming that it should be on the same level as MSN or even TXTing with a mobile phone. Socialising is a huge part of games, but they made the socialising part of the game...the only way to have fun, they made socialising the mechanic, the pokies machine level of addiction from looting and the pyramid scheme to structure this 3 headed demon from the gates of Uranus. So now that Blizzard is losing money because the players are slowly realising their addiction level to a steaming pile of cow **** should now end. Good. Excellent. Blizzard will now fold within 10 years, it will be a slow death but they stopped their own progress as creative captains in the lands of Video Game design and innovation. Next step Blizzard.... the grave. Activision will now completely take over and start releasing more Tony Hawk video games that use progressively more and more realism with easy to use buttons. Like the dragonfly in the wind, be a focused hovering beast of craving. Those that have made it through this speile of sorts the reward you get is a big dragon **** slapping to wake your *** up. There are games to be made, designed and innovated beyond the limitations of everyday life. Characters that will pluck the very earths heart strings and make us dance laugh and cry. Gamers today we must unite against the evils of money and fight for the land beyond fantasy...beyond reality ....beyond all dimensions. Fight for our freedom within games, we all want massive environments with endless choice, we all want a single player experience that lasts 6 hours. We want some choice is what it comes down to. I don't want the choice between 827 different shooting games all based around the Wars that are happening around the world...that doesn't sing to my heart, it sings to my ***** as I mow people down untill I feel numb and need to play Surgeon Simulator 2013 to really know the impact of incompetence. **** you EA, **** you Actiblizzard, **** you tony abbott broken robotic politician. Game design should be a subject in school from grade 1 to grade 12. It should be placed alongside art and sport. I want my kids to know the infinite choices you give yourself as a person not what the world limits. Nintendo you are next, well done on your flop console controller mess with the Wii-U... NintendoFandom is over, the fanboys have left and will create a company of their own designing games that make us froath at the mouth. Sony lovers know where its at and crave things like goreengines, super beef graphics beyond a computer, controllers that allow us to use our dreams to control characters. **** this writing, not like blizzard will heed advice from a gamer 4 life. Sleep time zzzzz......

all good (or bullshit) things must come to an end.

all good (or bullshit) things must come to an end.,, things is wow had its moments i'm surprised it has lasted this long. Paying subscription for a SINGLE game thats just ******* mad. I've moved over to xbox live gold, i find, it works out much cheaper considering you only pay once and can play nearly every title online. I like that business model. Still, with the tablet and angrybird, WOW should die soon - like the titanic. Come on, every gaming company is getting raped with losses everywhere including apple, konami, nintendo, squareenix and disney interactive plus others. I don't know what happened to gaming but how can people get bored of creativity and interactive entertainment while disney was/is able to sell pinocchio /Cinderella and other fairytale nonsense for 50+years... ??? I understand that kids are born everyhour and so the likes of barbie and actionman or lego even boardgame like snakes&ladders etc. will always find its place and become timeless., it's probably the ******* greed more than anything else that's killing gaming also there's all this interest groups and bots. Something like the debate on global warming; some deny it is happening while others are getting ****** somewhere in the world in the poor parts with the sea coming into their bedroom and giving them a wash! But so long as its not us, we're alright with it. Besides we are much too valuable because we're Europeans/Americans. 1 of us is valued at around 10,000 poor Indians or Africans! Although no one lays golder eggs but ***** like everyone! Real world is really a ****** up place, escapism into a fantasy world is good from time to time. Like taking a vacation from it all temporarily.

tweak much?

you write like you're high on tweak. Watch Netflix docs much? Just because the picture is moving on a screen with dramatic music in the background does not mean the content in a documentary film is true. Currently the case for GW is falling apart, but you would only know that if you READ news from around the world. My advice to you is to keep doing tweak; you may as well go into a full psychosis and get gunned down by the police.


Pay for xbox live? go ahead, i can do what you pay for xbox live free on PSN.. heck even the PSN plus membership beats xbox live.. we get free games like every 2 weeks..


When I was 4 I can remember the harbour in my home town would freeze over 3 feet thick for oh say every year before. That harbour hasn't froze over in the past 15 years. All the old breeding grounds for the seals are empty too because the ice flow doesn't go far enough before melting. Wake up and smell the ashes.

As much as I detest Blizzard

As much as I detest Blizzard their market is in for a rebound, I don't think Blizzard worries about losing invisible numbers. They probably look at the market demography and say hmmm, lets just wait to see how many of those free p2p games last before they recoup their losses and numbers. The problem with the freemium model is that it lacks some of the more game play delivery aspect, there are just some things pay to play does better.

Sniff sniff

The air smelled of horse **** quality game when TBC came out and RPG went out the window. Every class was able to murder each other and play whatever role they ******* wanted to. Healers heal, warriors tank, palas suck **** and druids hug trees.

TBC? You must be smoking

TBC? You must be smoking horse ****. They didn't ruin the game until Cataclysm with all their Balance changes. Than everyone could murder everyone. Everyone could silence or CC. The game just got retarded. MoP? No clue what they did there. I couldn't buy something that had pokemon battles in a SERIOUS MMO BRO.

TBC? Cataclysm? You must be

TBC? Cataclysm? You must be eating horse ****. The game was ruined when we found out the game's engine couldn't handle moderately large scale pvp in Gadgetzan and Tarren Mill and crashed constantly. The game sealed its fate as a lie (No actual war has ever taken place) when they introduced Battle Grounds. Any other discussion of this trash game is simply people drinking horse **** in Blizzard's kool-aid.

Da hell you talking about now

Da hell you talking about now... Tarren Mill not able to handle mass scale pvp? You grow up on a RP-PVE server or something? Back in the day TM was teh #1 spot were alliance would bash on horde constantly. Usually 5 to 1 numbers too... At least on my pvp server. I think we had at most one server crash from that. Don't forget the whole Silithus temple gate opening. Every sever crashed. +5 times too, and that was not pvp related. It was because the entire server population was in one area, in one zone.


The reason why people are leaving WoW is because of all the good F2P games out there, that and the fact that WoW is pretty dated now.


what happened blizzard you used to be cool. never used to charge people! but it just became about the money and not the gaming. greedy

um cry me a river

man they must be hurting Bad.. 8.3 million people at 14.95 a month is 124.085 million a month.. times that by 12 is aprox 1.4 Billion a year... mmmm my god they are going to have to file for bankruptcy.........

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