Blizzard Takes StarCraft II Multiplayer Hackers To Court

In a move that shows their willingness to take all possible actions to protect StarCraft II's multiplayer experience, Blizzard Entertainment has filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Los Angeles against three programmers who - allegedly - made and sold hacks for StarCraft II.

Blizzard has already banned 5,000 StarCraft II players who used hacks and trainers while playing online. According to the company, the banned cheaters are prohibited from joining forever.

With the new move, Blizzard aims to penalize the programmers who made those tools in the first place. The lawsuit accuses two Canadian programmers, "Permaphrost" and "Cranix," and a Peruvian one, "Linuxawesome", as well as others not individually identified. The suit claims that the defendants have committed and induced others to commit copyright infringement.

"Just days after the release of StarCraft II, Defendants already had developed, marketed, and distributed to the public a variety of hacks and cheats designed to modify (and in fact destroy) the StarCraft II online game experience," Blizzard said in the filing.

"The harm to Blizzard from Defendants' conduct is immediate, massive and irreparable. By distributing the Hacks to the public, Defendants cause serious harm to the value of StarCraft II. Among other things, Defendants irreparably harm the ability of Blizzard's legitimate customers (i.e. those who purchase and use unmodified games) to enjoy and participate in the competitive online experience."

"That, in turn, causes users to grow dissatisfied with the game, lose interest in the game, and communicate that dissatisfaction, thereby resulting in lost sales of the game or 'add-on' packs and expansions thereto."

In the lawsuit Blizzard asks to deprive the hackers from all money earned from the hacks, to have the trainers and hacking tools removed from distribution and seeks damages for itself.

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Finaly Sue them bitchs, im a game designer and people have no god dam clue how many years and man hours goes into making just one game for cock suckers to just hack it and fucking destroy the gaming experence for everyone.

yeah yeah YAWN

Poor Blizzard, good luck enforcing a US court order in Canada. While I agree completely that the hacks RUIN the gameplay experience for honest players, this is an industry wide problem for LOTS of games, especially multi-player first person shooters. Aimbots and GOD mode/Walls hacks have become an industry of themselves. And many a group of programmers are profiting from their hacks, just as game companies make money from their monthly subscribers, so too do the hacks. I can go right now and withing 10 minutes find no less than 6 hack variants for Medal of Honor 2010 RIGHT NOW, where a monthly subscription fee gets me the latest hacks constantly updated to defeat the latest Anti-hacker systems out there. Punkbuster is a they play a constant losing game of cat and mouse with hackers....and the hackers are me. By the time Punkbuster updates to fix one hack, there is already another waiting to take it's place. In my experience existing hacks usually circumvent a PB update within 48-72 hours....sometimes much less.

I applaud Blizzard for their effort, but even they know it's a losing battle... There will ALWAYS be games, and there will ALWAYS be hacks and cheats for games. Thats just the way it is. It's nothing more than Programming code being manipulated. There will always be code wars because of the very nature of what code is and what people can do with it....

What is needed is stricter enforcement. Include in the game, an identifier app that snapshots your Network information, etc. And the user MUST agree to be identified properly to play. You hack, THEN you are prosecuted....and banned for life from ANY game put out by that company from a master Banned ID list. Share the list of ID's with other game companies....OOPS what's that? Now you can't play this other cool game because your on the Hacker Blacklist???? Oh, so sorry....shoulda thought of that before you hacked...

THEN you will see the end of the problem....Harsh yes, BUT...the industry needs this kind of accountability or else everything will go console...


Blizzard became famous when they launched Battlenet, because in those days multiplayer services used to be paid by subscription, Battlenet was one of the first no pay online multiplayer rings, that along with Warcraft II and Diablo launched them to fame. Instead of launching WOW as a free online RPG and making a small revolution they decided to flow with the popular yet prohibitive subscription. Warcraft III should have been a new game, instead they went for the money. WOW should have been a new game, instead they went for the money. Diablo III should have been a new game with ultrarealistic GFX and nude women cut in half in a butchers room for the memories, instead, they went for the easy money and we have another candy land Blizzard game with squashed characters and colourful GFX ala WOW. In years, all of their good ideas and artistic desires have been eliminated placing sight on a dollar. In fact, they are so worried about their winnings instead of their game and game community that they closed a Starcraft II mod based on their Warcraft III engine and using their own assets. Look at Relic, they let you mod DOW to death, give you real expansions and not a single game parted in three, and those expansions could be changed for mods meaning that each mod they say yes to could eliminate winnings with their own expansions.

No inovation, no technological breakthrough, no marketing inovation and a high price tag...yeah, they better patrol their servers and keep things tidy because its the only thing they can actually do as a quality company for which you pay a quality price to be part of.

@ Vicisitud WOW, you have

@ Vicisitud

WOW, you have no idea do you? at the end of the day it's a business, and business need to make profit however it can. so if you don't know what you're talking about, then dont talk. i would like to see how you can run a multi million dollar gaming company.

Burn em

Little kids and Dbags without skill or morals won't understand this and vent a lot of useless nerd rage, but as everyone else knows.. no one gives a damn what they think.

This is a wonderful first step, with any luck this will motivate other gaming companies to protect their product and their buyers.

And for all the absolute morons out there that think this is a bad move.. you know what a company does when it can't make money from it's product..they stop making it and go make something else.

Video games are not made by little fairies out of the goodness of their hearts, it is a product for a market.

I really hope they break the backs of these little fks, jail time shouldn't be out of the question. It is a good day for gaming.

Blizzard sucks

I hope all hackers unite and fuck this piece of crap out of the gaming industry. Blizzard was cool untill WOW came up and Lan-less Starcraft2 and Diablo3 and balltefuck 2.0.
This company turned into a bunch of greedy idiots. Seriously 10+ dollars per month? 12 million gamers lets say 50% of them play the game all the time this 10*6 million equals 60 million dollars per month!?! FUCK YOU your game is not worth 1 dollar per month. And for a game milking consumers that much its really shitty. I would understand if you would reduce the monthly fee with increasing number of players but this way u deserve to be hacked to death.

incorrect numbers

There are 12 million "active" gamers subscribing to WoW. That doesn't include inactive users. So the math is actually 12,000,000*15/mo = $180,000,000USD a month, $6,000,000USD a day, $250,000 an hour, or $4166.66 a second. That is solely from subscribers. That doesn't constitute the majority of Blizzard's income, it is just a small fraction of it.

self rheitous

"About time a major corporation starting going after those assholes, I am tired of children, and scrubs using hacks to gain an advantage over better players than they could ever strive to be themselves."

Eat a cock you elitist moron. go outside or get a girlfriend. boo hoo I win 99.8% of the time a cheater messed me up. Get real and live in the real world. Go ahead and troll this I could care less and am not gonna check back on it anyway. fucking stupid whiny niggers


They might not have been as harsh if the guys were giving them out for free instead of selling them. Blizzard have always been butthurt whenever anyone hacks their games.

That said, the old Battlenet days when you'd play Diablo's multiplayer and get killed every couple of minutes by some guy who'd cheated his stats to unnatural levels was really fucking annoying.


My not buying future blizzard games doesnt have to do with hackers or them ruining my gaming experience but for the non innovative gameplay and pricing tactics that blizzard imposes on consumers.


So what you're saying is the people who BOUGHT the product in the first place, are elligible for some sort of revenge against the company?

Blizzard is entitled to.

Don't buy the fucking game if you don't like it. DO IT or DON't and STFU


Silly Blizzard, US courts don't effect Canadians and Peruvians who are in Canada and Peru. Also, going up against hackers, really? I seriously doubt that’s going to stop them anytime soon.

International law

Even though they live in Peru and Canada, they became bound by U.S. laws when they began to sell their product here in the United States as well. Their governments will hold them accountable to U.S. law and will execute the ruling. Only people living in a few countries like BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, and China) and others would not be liable to U.S. rulings because their governments refuse to cooperate with executing fines and other legal punishments on their citizens.

Definitely a bit of a

Definitely a bit of a stretch, but at the same time it's kinda funny to watch the hackers get punished as well as the hack creators. Admittedly, I'd like to see this go through.

Koreans are bad enough. We don't need hackers too. XD


It's good that someone is actually cracking down on hackers for once. But "copyright infringement"!?!? I know there's copyright laws in place for creating software that works parallel to copyrighted software, but come on, this isn't a copyright issue.


About time a major corporation starting going after those assholes, I am tired of children, and scrubs using hacks to gain an advantage over better players than they could ever strive to be themselves.

read the eula of well every

read the eula of well every game. doing ANYTHING that involves changing ANY of the code is against it and technically copyright infringement. its sad but true. that said this is a good thing hackers fucking suck they are the bane of online gaming. the only people who would ever defend them are people do hack, or don't play games online

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