Bloomberg Reveals Xbox 720 Release Date

Sources close to Microsoft have told Bloomberg’s Dina Bass and Ian King that the next Xbox console will be released in time for Christmas 2013.

Of course the Xbox 720 will be announced some time ahead of launch, but Microsoft hasn’t decided whether to make the big reveal during the next E3 or through a separate event dedicated to new console.

Needless to say Microsoft refused to comment, leaving us with no statements except the ones we’ve been hearing the last couple of months that they don’t plan to release any new consoles “any time soon.”

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Why are you still calling it Xbox 720? Was the first Xbox called Xbox 140? noooo. Microsoft already said, it will simply be called, Xbox.


because in my perspective 2012 --- WII U crap 2013 --- Xbox RROD 2014 -- PShit So in my perspective they all the same ****, only my pc is still updated to play games :D

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