Capcom Game Producer: Wii U Has Impressive And Unique Secret Feature

It is no secret that Wii U didn't live to gamers' expectations, but Street Fighter X Tekken game producer Yoshinori Ono believes that it has much more in its sleeves and that it has undisclosed features that give it "unique possibilities."

"What was shown at E3 is not a reflection of everything that this console is going to be able to offer," he told 3D Joegos. "We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn't something like Kinect or similar accessories, it's something different."

"I can't tell you more about it because, if I do, Nintendo will send assassins to finish me! But let's say that Wii U will be a console with so many unique possibilities that it will be difficult to show them in the box they are going to sell it in, or be published in magazines and other media."

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Games... if the Wii U has the

Games... if the Wii U has the same quantity of quality games that the Wii had then i don't care what "hidden features" its has. I was expecting allot more quality games for my Wii. It had great games, and i don't care about Halo, because I use my friends 360 for that, and i dont care about Uncharted or GT5, i own a PS3. What i wanted with the Wii was more fun games like Wii Sports, Wii Play, and how about some good old game like Battle Tanx (64) or Conkers (64) or Golden Eye (64), Perfect Dark (64)... Wait, if the Wii U just got the same good games that were so famous on the N64 and that were missing on the GC and Wii then it will be awesome :D


maybe the secret is that they are not redoing the mario game for the 4123412352315351235123532 time with same graphics as the gameboy?

Someone missed out (aka The Truth)

I feel sorry for you peeps and everybody else who missed out on a great era in gaming, prior to the current generation consoles and PC's, where graphics meant little to nothing in comparison to great gameplay and story! Great titles like the Harvest Moon, Chronotrigger and Final Fantasy on SNES, Ocarania of Time, Mariokart and Goldeneye on N64, Doom 95 on PC, ect...

Crysis 2, great graphics, mediocre gameplay. I'd take Half Life 2 over it anyday!

Sure I don't think they has been a great mario game on the Wii (not that I'm really in a position to judge), however from what I've seen and played I would say it has little to do with the graphics.

I agree. I still play those

I agree. I still play those old titles and would choose to play them over the new ones. Most of these gamers now a days are mesmerized by the graphics even if the game-play is total shit. They have forgotten how to make a good game or they see fools would buy anything.


i think what a of gamers forget or simply just do not mkae the connection is that the games industry is just that, a industry. and over the past few decades it has grown quite dramatically. i see there to be no difference between the car industry and games industry, what we must realise is that both are dictated by massive corporations and thus both are dictated by the exact same exogenous pressures in relation to economics, whats profitable, legal, politics etc. take for example car companies have been pretty much pumping out the samething for quite some time new, each new car model doesnt change dramatically, every year something small gets added her and there. the basic concepts of how the car operates hasnt changed much at all. but for quite some time now we have developed newer technologoies that would make the fossil car redundant, but do we? no. it is simply not profitable. i fear the game industry over the past 5-8yrs especially has become trapped by similar pressures. there all this technology out there and ideas to really make different products (Games), but the risk factor is simply too high when have call of duty flying off the shelf, a product that really does nothing new every year, just a new coat of paint. i think what consumers need to realise is that we are the voice, the money in our pockets is our voice more so than what are voice actually is i think you will find. if people stopped buying call of duty, developers would be forced to think twice, but if it flies off the shelf, well no matter how repetitive the formula may be, they are still going to milk the franchise for all that it worth. i would argue that such pressures actually are restricting innovation throughout all industries. all the voice of the employees, their thoughts and ideas are normally put behind the views of the company (corporation) and the market. this creates depressed, unmotivated work situations. its not that people have forgotten how to make a good game, i think theres plenty of wonderful ideas out there, but getting them out there has become much harder.

What sucks about all that is

What sucks about all that is that our "voice" is nothing to them. Even if every gamer who feels as you do spoke up, our voices would be silenced in an ocean of other voices calling for another CoD. Gamers aren't the profitable market anymore, mindless zombies with pocketbooks are.


Understandable, good to know that there is at least some people out there with logic. I also agree with the COD titles, in my opinion play one played them all. Also COD if false advertising in my opinion, modern warfare? far from it. My bad for squatting on it, I got my copies (legit) free from friends and its the last thing I play. Lets just say I rather have a really boring day before I play it.....I'm way off topic.


your a complete ass hat... nintendo found a way of making what literally was a n64 with a gimmick and it sold amazingly well.. they didnt forfeit.. they wernt about the hardcore gamer... and the wii sold better in other countries then it did in the US for quite awhile...

i think you need to rethink your comment, sit back, stop acting like a 14 yr old prick. since thats what you come off as.

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