Carmack Reveals New id Software Virtual Reality Headset That Costs $500

During his E3 keynote, id Software co-founder and lead programmer John Carmack showed off the first prototype of a new virtual reality headset they intend to sell soon for $500 apiece.

The headset blocks all lights from the environment and displays its video output through two small screens hosted inside the goggles.

Carmack made a live demonstration of using the new kit with Doom 3. In the demo, Carmack used a standard controller to move and shoot while using the kit’s head tracker to look around.

The virtual reality kit is named “Rift.” It is designed by Palmer Luckey who plans to launch a Kickstarter project to produce and distribute the open-source kit for other developers to tinker with soon.

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I want!

Here's my $$$. I'll even pay you for the clunky prototype. I can't tell you how long I've waited for something like this. The Sony device was primarily designed for playing 3D movies and I was not that impressed while wearing them and playing GT5 at a demo at the Sony Store. The game turns where I'm looking? Wow! I want!

Oh really

In case you haven't noticed: Megagames has been through a site update, and the reason they are removing posts, is because they are trying to cut out all the riff-raff; Trolling, abuse, completely off topic subjects have been a serious plague here in the past.

Hope that answers your question.

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Not necessarily, the 2

Not necessarily, the 2 screens will only add depth if the images on each are slightly different. Just like you see slightly different images when you close one eye and keep one open, then swap. Doing that is mostly up to game devs, all the hardware needs to do is provide independent access to both screens. What that means for gamers is you'll only get half of your gpus performance because it has to render 2 slightly different frames for a scene while for non 3d displays it only has to render 1.


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Progress to what, this is

Progress to what, this is secondary to progress in life. They can do what ever they want, what I was trying to say that stupid people would buy this there for they will continue to make stupid stuff.

The thing about this device,

The thing about this device, is that it adds perspective to the game, to ANY game. It adds 3D depth. Also, Carmack is releasing a schematics on how to build our own soon, you don't HAVE to buy it.

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As I said they can do what

As I said they can do what ever they want. You had something going there until you said ( Seriously, grow up, stop hatin, go outside. ) that just killed you post. Growing up is overrated enjoy being young because once you grow up that's it.

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