Castle Wolfenstein Is Being Made Into A Movie

Wolfenstein 3D

If you spent a few months of your childhood running around a Nazi castle maze, fighting off guards, dogs and minigun wielding Hitlers, you might be intrigued to hear that a movie is being made about the premise.

Roger Avary, one of the men that wrote Pulp Fiction, is said to be working on the script as we speak and it's thought to be focused on a British secret agent and a US army captain, who together uncover a secret Nazi weapon. Presumably it'll be the zombies you fought on later levels. That's right kiddies, you might have your DayZ and Left 4 Dead games, but older gamers have been fighting the undead in all their 3D-ish glory since the early 90s.

One of the movie's producers is Samuel Hadida, known for his work with the Resident Evil and Silent Hill films. While this isn't exactly a strong pedigree - alright it's a pretty poor one - he did also produce True Romance, which was awesome.

Fans of the game will be pleased to know that there's no word of Uwe Boll being anywhere near this one. However, do expect to see the main characters hugging a lot of walls and hitting space bar to see if anything happens.

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Old News

A lot of people including myself know they have been working on a movie for wolfy for a long time, just like a bunch of other game movies that may one day get released or hopefully never see the light of day to ruin the games they belong to. - captcha - on the ball

It'll flop.

Sounds like donkey kife to me. How engaging a story is it really? I thought Doom was pretty decent & not just 'cuz I'd like to eat the farts outta Rosamund Pike either. The story in Doom the game is a load but the movie seemed to make just enough changes so that it wasn't totally stupid like the game. Maybe if they get Dwayne to "Rock" Blazkowicz & Rosamund to shake her tittie nips for me again I might like it. Maybe get her to show us a bit more stinker in this one, ya dig?


"However, do expect to see the main characters hugging a lot of walls and hitting space bar to see if anything happens." LOL you have to be old to remember this, golden age for games that was, cheers

Or as Duke would say, "ugh,

Or as Duke would say, "ugh, ugh, ugh, where is it?" lol good times brother. Could be a badass movie though, you never know. I remember seeing the graphic novel deal on youtube after the 2009 Wolfenstein came out, not bad for a short story, or recap, of the series. If the movie could do something like that, but longer and live action (and pull it off), I would most definately pay money to see that!


Sounds like this film may have a chance considering who is involved. Doom was not a great film, but its a masterpiece compared to Red Faction Origins.

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