Chasing Aurora Dev: Wii U Is Indie-Friendly

Based on his hands on experience, Chasing Aurora developer Martin Pichlmair believes that Nintendo’s upcoming Wii U eShop is friendly and open to indie developers.

Speaking to the Official Nintendo Magazine, Pichlmair explained that “I cannot talk about the new eShop in detail. What I do know is that Nintendo is doing everything to make this console much more open, social and indie-friendly than the Wii ever was.”

“There are people at Nintendo who know where innovative games come from,” he added. “And if you look at the launch lineup you can clearly see that those people have had a say in it. At the same time, the Wii U with its various controller configurations calls for experimental games of all kinds and Nintendo is always eager to have games make good use of its console's innovations.

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Actully only 40% of 360 games

Actully only 40% of 360 games are in fact region locked have a look on any xbox pirate site and have a look for yourself 60% of them are in fact region free Im pretty sure that XBLA titles are region free also (with the exception on monsterhunter freedom) You're even be surprised to know that theres also alot of drm free xbla titles and dlc


the ps3 isn't region locked and it was really good because you could play any import game you like. I think the dreamcast was region free too.

ex nintendo fan

these new "trendy" ways of playing games are killing the experience for people who have supported the industry since dot one. Im sick and tired about these family gamers trying to incorporate more for the sake of cash rather than pushing the conventional gaming market

As with any other industry,

As with any other industry, companies either adapt and evolve or die. Sticking to the old ways never works in business. If you enjoy old school gaming then play old games like I do, otherwise you won't get anywhere with such backwards mentality.

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