Cheapos Abuse Humble Indie Bundle 4 To Scam Steam

Sadly enough, some Steam users have found a dishonest way to abuse the Humble Indie Bundle 4 to increase their chances of winning Valve's current raffle promotion.

Aiming to increase their raffle "tickets," the scammers bought hundreds of copies of the bundle for a penny each. The scammer would then use the Steam codes that come along with the bundle copies tp legitimize hundreds of Steam accounts that are then used to enter the raffle.

"This is unfair to legitimate entrants and is definitely not what we wanted to encourage with Humble Indie Bundle 4," the humble indie bundle 4 organizers wrote on their blog. "It's a lose-lose situation for the indie developers, charities, Valve, and Humble Bundle."

To combat this scam, Steam codes won't be included with copies sold for less than a dollar each.

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Publicity or the truth is sad...

I am surprised that nobody has thought about this might be for publicity. Or not, but I never heard of this until I read this article. Games for charity. It is a good idea, sad anyways if it is true people exploit it to steal. When people download games for free from Ubisoft of EA, nobody really cares, EA even says that to them $150 Million is nothing. So, nobody really cares about those publishers. But when people do this to indie developers then it is similar to stealing from the salvation army. Sad Sad.


Thieves know no limits apparently, I can't believe people cheat even with something as low as this. Just bought the HIB for a measly 4 euros and I feel more than happy with 12 games.

This was a good move, even though I fear pirates will try somehting else to cheat on this stuff especially because of drm free, damn abusers.

I wish the HIB project the best and that they still continue to offer such great games.

And for the ones cheating even on this, I hope you feel ashamed of yourself.

They caught this early

They caught this extremely early and the bundle had a warning claiming you had to at least pay $1.01 to get a Steam redeemable code. Something they didn't catch early is the Rise of Immortals game, since it's free, people exploited it to get the achievement/coal/presents with new accounts.


Its actually really stupid. Valve should just block humble indie bundles from counting as BOUGHT games so people cant CHEAT. They should simply block every account that was created solely for activating the HIB from participating.
Instead HIB punishes people that bought the games for 50 cents or whatever because they wanted to try the HIB thing. Or because they think the games are not worth more.

Differentiating between people that paid 99 cents and people that paid 100 cents is stupid because it suddenly turns into a DONT PAY WHAT YOU WANT FOR XXX AWESOME GAMES. NOW ITS A PAY WHAT WE WANT OTHERWHISE YOU GET PUNISHED!

Dick move!

A very fair decision IMHO

Good move from Humble. Both valves winter sales and Humble Bundle events are awesome and both to salute. And sadly enough, most of the games sold on this one Humble Bundle were the ones chosen by Valve for their challenges. I believe it was pure coincidence and i don't think it is the fault of any of them. Just bad timing or bad luck. Humble Bundle's solution to restrain access to Steam Code only to $1+ buyers is definately a good solution. I still can't believe some people wouldn't spend at least a dollar for such quality bundle at all.

I just hope we'll still have bunch of quality bundle and valve sales, and that they'll still get along pretty well.

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