Chinese Prisoners Are Forced To Play MMORPGs And Farm Gold

Like most issues, people argue for and against gold farming in MMO games. Supporters of gold farming believe that it cannot be stopped and that players should have the freedom to decide if it is more enjoyable to buy their way through the game by spending real money on it. On the other hand, the developers and a lot of gamers consider that to be unfair, if not outright cheating.

Another view of the issue came from the Guardian which revealed that gold farmers are actually forced to work in sweatshops for extended hours daily.

The guardian's report tells the story of an ex-prison guard who (along with others) was forced to work in actual coal mines and to play online games to farm gold while he was imprisoned at the Jixi labor camp in northeast China in 2004.

"If I couldn't complete my work quota [of in-game money or gold], they would punish me physically," he explained. "They would make me stand with my hands raised in the air and after I returned to my dormitory they would beat me with plastic pipes. We kept playing until we could barely see things."

"Prison bosses made more money forcing inmates to play games than they do forcing people to do manual labour," Liu added. "There were 300 prisoners forced to play games. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp. I heard them say they could earn 5,000-6,000rmb [about $770 to $924] a day. We didn't see any of the money. The computers were never turned off."

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I'm ALL for it... within limits

Sure, make convicted felons work while in prison. Welfare 'clients' in many states are being required to get jobs and many on Social Security HAVE to find some kind of work just to make ends meet. WHY should criminals have it better than the free citizens? I DON'T think 12+ hours per day or beatings for missed quotas is appropriate but if I see nothing wrong with expecting a prisoner to work to pay for his/her room and board, as well as things like access to a TV, library, an exercise room/equipment, or recreational items. After R&B the extras would provide incentive to do a better job. Being felons they've given up rights like minimum wage but the prison (whether state run or private) should be fully accountable in all aspects of such a program (but it should be accountable in all areas anyhow, shouldn't it?)

As for spelling and grammar (and punctuation), I think it sad and ridiculous how many posts here deal with nothing else... I do feel that a typo or two doesn't detract from a post, but a total lack of punctuation and capitalization make for more difficult reading and leave room for misinterpretation. Consistently poor grammar and spelling seem to be an indication of either extreme sloppiness or low intelligence. The actual content of the post usually indicates which.

What I miss most in postings like these is a concept I was taught at a very young age: "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." Disagreement can be polite and it is usually more useful to explain why someones ideas are silly and immature than it is to point out that they are.

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Im just looking at random websites and i find these comments. It's like the gramar wars here. Who cares if the person typing spelled it wrong or not, They propably just are not that good at it. @ @@@ @ @ @ @ @ @@@ @@@ @@@


I was going to troll on some grammar mistakes, but looking around I can see that would just be following the crowd. On to the next site :p

people are so childish these days

really? i could have sworn that this was about chinese prisoners, not about spelling or getting pussy. its people like this that simply annoy me. do you not have anything better to do than correct someones speling? (yeah i left out a l in spelling, are you going to throw a bitch fit now? ever thought that they didnt feel the need to spend time to correct every mistake on a forum they will probably never remember, or maybe they have more important things to do, like live their lives ! you should try to get one). since when did 12 year olds get pussy? are you trying to encourage child pregnancy? a REAL man doesn't have to talk about how much pussy he gets. and last but not least, people have different forms of entertaiment, it may be masterbating in the McDonalds bathroom, reading a book, or playing video games. so dont fuck with them just because you have a boring life and they can actually enjoy doing something. i may be sending this a month late but people need to grow up. what has the world come to, obvously, a bunch of judgemental basterds. funny when my 4 year old brother seems more mature than full grown adults


I have come to the conclusion that everyone here is still in puberty. Not only can the people correcting other peoples grammar not spell themselves, they are ignorant and demeaning. As for the rest of you..... you're worse!

Prison labor

Although we shouldn't beat them, I would fully support working American prisoners like the dogs they are. Why don't we do this? It'd cut crime big time.

Innocent People are Dogs?

Hey friend, not that I'm a fan of criminals because I'm not. But you paint with a very wide brush in your criticism. By referring to those in jail as "criminals," included in that are some innocent people who were wrongfully incarcerated, as well as those in jail "criminals" who are there due to civil contempts. Allow me to educate you since you obviously need it; there are millions of people in jail who are in there due to "civil" infractions ("contempts") not because of crime. And although they're jailed, the "have no rights" and are treated far worse than criminals because they aren't even granted access to attorneys as it's not " a right." And I know this because I've been jailed for a civil contempt that was wholly unjust and equally unconstitutional. Therefore, the only "dog" I see in this picture is you, you ignorant wretch.


Because it's slavery... what somewhere around 80% of inmates are non-violent offenders/drug users that have endangered no one but themselves... then you decide to lock them up charge the taxpayers for their incarceration and on top of that you want to turn them into slave labor for the private prisons to profit... Nothing like creating an incentive to convict and incarcerate people regardless if they have actually committed a crime, just so private prisons can profit off slave labor and tax payers.


@ TruthTeller It's not to make profit do you realize how much it costs to keep a prisoner. It would simple help make up for some of their living expenses. Though it should be done with less abuse requiring prisoners to work is not unethical. There are actually many unemployed people that committed a crime simply to have a place to stay so they shouldn't mind working to "pay rent"

Why can't anyone SPELL any more?

Ok....this comments section OFFICIALLY has the WORST spelling and grammar I have EVER seen on ANY site ANYWHERE...period (and I have been on the net since 1992, so this is QUITE an honour). Is it just that most 'gamers' are now Gen-Y and they can't spell for shit? Is it crappy translation or are people just lazy and incapable of taking 5 seconds to proof-read what they just wrote, so they don't look like simpletons? PATHETIC! Turn your spell-checker on, morons!

dude u can't spell

dude you spelled anymore wrong its anymore not any more idiot and you spelled honor wrong moron! and i've been on the net since i was in 2nd grade so this is succh an honor idiot. you just got corrected by a twelve year old


I would'nt trust this news even if i was payed , there was a news piece on FPS dieing out the the guy who reported it got a whole lot of raging people on the comments.
Just who or where does this site get its news from ?


Rember things like the ever time you buy someting with a made in china stamp on it BUY things that are made form were you live

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Sometimes I really wonder, some folks have decent knowledge of English language ( usually because it is theirs birth language, huzzzah big deal ) And yet thee have nothing to say or write like in this case, so thee just trolling around and mocking and insulting others. Sometimes I really wonder .... did exemplary troll like this Mr. you all are ****, did he holding his dick in hand during his trolling sessions. Did he :) And I really begun to wonder why I loosing mi time instead of jerk of myself with some juicy BBW porn


I think it is torture indeed, playing same shity MMO for 12 hours 7 days for for ... god know how for long.

I will probably commit suicide after several weaks.
And dont forget one Important thing thous folks dont "play" the FARMING and long term FARMING is for fags not for DA PLAY.

And after each day thei must send their money to some ******* Just try to imagine this, you play until your eis bleed and even long after and the you must send all yours stuffs to some bully who is beater then you just in one thing he is on another side of bars.

Yes thous folks are criminals indeed, but we dont even know what for their are in. Maybe thei are murders and thief's OR maybe their are student who demonstrate against cruel government or for freedom of Tibet.

I say lets nukeem and end this torture once for good

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