CoD Ghosts getting Predator DLC. Yaaaarggh

Call of Duty games may tend to stick to realism-ish, most of the time, even in its near future settings, but that's certainly not the case with the upcoming Devastation DLC pack, which looks to give players the chance to hunt with and be hunted by, the Predator.

That's the deadly, dreadlocked, vagina mouthed alien from that first great Arnold movie? And then that second, ok-ish Danny Glover movie and finally two horrible, horrible Alien movies? Remember? Of course you do, you're did your best Arnold impression reading the title of this piece.

At the moment, all we know about the mode is what you see in this short Instagram video posted on the official Call of Duty channel. I know it's not much, but that's definitely Predator.

If you don't believe me watch it again, that's not a cloaked human soldier, that's The Predator. To make sure you're well aware of that fact, Infinity Ward posted the message "If it bleeds..." along with the video, referencing Arnie's famous line from the movie.

Unless you can finish that sentence without my help, we can't be friends.

Also note the telltale clicking sound it makes, as well as the obviously huge, cloaked warrior that rushes in at the end.

How any of this will work is anyone's guess, but it certainly has me interested in CoD for the first time in years. At least just so I can make more references.

So come-on, comment, come-on do it, do it now, come-on.

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Yeah it sticks to TOTAL semi realism you know with the whole FUCKING ROBOT ALIEN MODE. Nice MegaGames, falling down the stairs like the retarded cousin yet again.

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